Why Gravity is NOT a Force

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The General Theory of Relativity tells us gravity is not a force, gravitational fields don't exist. Objects tend to move on straight paths through curved spacetime. Thanks to Caséta by Lutron for sponsoring this video. Find out more at: www.lutron.com/veritasium
Huge thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis for hours of consulting on this video so I could get these ideas straight in my own brain. Check out his FIboth channel: ve42.co/gfl or his books: ve42.co/GFLbooks
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  • Here's a question I've seen a lot in comments: OK, I'm accelerating up but then shouldn't someone on the other side of the globe fall off? No, here's why: Either watch again from 8:28 or read what I've written below... Spacetime is curved - it curves the opposite direction on the other side of the Earth. Neither us on this side of the Earth nor they on the other side are changing our spacial coordinates - we're not moving up, they're not moving down - Earth isn't flying into one of us. BUT we both ARE accelerating. In curved spacetime you have to accelerate just to remain stationary. The traditional definition of acceleration is something changing its velocity. In general relativity you have to embrace a new definition of acceleration: it means deviating from a geodesic - not going on a straight line path through spacetime. Near the Earth a geodesic is a parabola so unless you're moving in a parabolic arc (like on a zero-g plane) you are accelerating. This definition is the same as the old one so if you're accelerating in deep space then your velocity is changing. *BUT*... if you are near a large mass you are in curved spacetime, now acceleration your velocity is changing. You can stay stationary relative to Earth's surface and still be accelerating. This is because your acceleration should be measured not relative to the Earth's surface but relative to free-falling objects - they are inertial observers. Imagine this - I'm in deep space and I make horizontal rows and rows of stationary golf balls. Then I hop in my rocket and accelerate up through them. Just think about what that looks like. Now my rocket is back on Earth just sitting there. I freeze time for a sec and make horizontal rows and rows of golf balls up into the atmosphere. Now unfreeze time. What do you see? If you just look at the golf balls and the rocket ship it looks the same as the situation in space where the golf balls were stationary and the rocket was accelerating. Einstein's point was the golf balls have the better claim as the "stationary" thing since their experience is just like the golf balls in deep space - no forces experienced. The rocket on Earth is just like the rocket in space. It feels a force and hence an acceleration.

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  • Einstein: That's it. Gravity is not a force Newton: Wait. Do I know you?

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  • what will it look like for a person in the 4th dimension? when you showed the earth as a 3d object but we look at things in the 2d (like a mat). so thats how it curved, the path of the plane

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  • I identify as an inertial observer

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  • So we are stuck to the earth because earth is moving which pushes us to accelerate on the ground? sry I’m not that good in science 😅

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  • If gravity is not a force or forcefield, then why is it still spreading at the speed of light from the source, like light or magnetic field? Or is the whole concept of force wrong?

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  • Time travel is very possible because the particles of nurobotic science are starting to dollypopper inminatos fhiberlosserpoppy in gravity and solopoppyjijjing faster than the speed of light, mossylip digger the big leap solos

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    • Pure genius

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  • Marvelous 👍👌👏👏👏

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  • If ISS is travelling in a straight line and it appears to be orbiting the Earth due to curved spacetime, why it's impossible to put light into orbit?

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  • Can I use this for my power point presentation?

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  • Gravity is a force , he is just playing your mind by this explanation.

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  • If gravity is explained as earth and people on the surface both move at the same speed and acceleration, then why does human skin sag downwards with age?

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  • @Veritasium But acceleration has a direction , and the problem isnt that we are acelerating but the whole " spaceship " explanation wich is way to simplistic to apply here and do not explain how a sphere could accelerate in all direction to create uniform gravity across a spherical object ... isn't it ? Please make a video that make sens explaning how a sphere not a spaceship can behave this way ?

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  • If acceleration continues unabated, don't you achieve the speed of light over time?

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  • The old-school definition of the word "force" is a push or a pull. Gravity pulls you. Ergo, gravity is a force. Also, the argument that Special Relativity and General Relativity are different because one talks about how Speed bends space-time and the other one talks about how Gravity or Mass bends space-time is simply two different ways of looking at the same thing, i.e., the curvature of space-time. And the curvature of space-time extends indefinitely into space-time, and does what a gravity field does. For clarity's sake, it can be called a gravity field. Semantics is not science. Also, the speed of light is changed by a gravity field. What is the speed of light inside of a black hole? Just saying.

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  • If there is no gravity I am 0 grams

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  • This video was much needed because the common perception of Einstein’s gravity is much misleading. This video explained the true view

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  • Gravity as understood by Einstein is simply moving in a straight line path through four dimensional space time. No acceleration required. Because space-time is warped, and thus time is warped with space, when moving in a straight line through its curvature while no forces act on you, a point in time in the future is correlated with a lower position in space, so your next moment in time is downward.

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  • This video helps explain veritasium. fiboth.info/like/videot/e5Z5YoOym8qUemo

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  • But veritasium, the standard model of particle physics states that gravity is a fundamental force.

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  • Might jump out of a roof to make einstein's imagination real

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  • Which means our solar system is moving international space station also moving but why they feel zero gravity

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  • Why does the window washer "fall" if there is no gravity?

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  • why things eccelerate towards earth once it enter the atmosphere if there is no gravitational force then things should not gradually get faster from the empty space to the atmosphere to the earth the speed should be the same since earth it self is whats moving

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  • but then how u explain things been lighter under water

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  • My problem grasping/believing this is that this only SEEMS to work on a flat plane. Earth is a sphere, and cannot accelerate in all directions at once w/o expanding. Please help me understand where my misconception is, if there is one.

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  • he has a point..its the same weightlessness u feel when u traveling in a car and it's max out u aint move but u feel like u floating ..that because the car is moving faster than the earth is spinning ..i could be wrong but it makes all scence to me.

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  • 5:26 Hey Kim K... head due north in 3 2 1! 😉

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  • I’ve just released a video on a framework for physics I’ve been chipping away at. Oddly enough, there are plenty of dissidents in the field of physics who object to relativity, pointing to numerous paradoxes in the current model. Check it out, Derek! With an open mind, you might be compelled by some of my later points.

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  • This is in your top 3 of videos! Thanks Derek!

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  • 12:30 kicked in the face while floating in space.

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  • I feel bad for the man whole fell that high

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  • Video explains : There is no gravitational force because there is no gravitational force? Lmao

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  • Gravity is not a force. Gravity is the effect of mass on spacetime. It is not a "fundamental force"... it does not reconcile with the Unified Field Theory, and therefore should be excluded from the equation... NOW, you can unify the Electromagnetic force, the Strong Nuclear Force, and the Weak Nuclear Force... there are specific bosons for this. It would appear those bosons are the "unifying factor", the lowest common denominator. AND YET... there is the HIGGS Boson... if the mass of the Higgs Boson were greater, the stronger the gravity would be in the universe... and yet it still does not reconcile??? Maybe another reason? Gravity is NOT an attraction force, nothing is really pulling on you, you are falling in a warped space towards the center of that warped space, the center of the Earth in this case.... objects FALL... but are not attracted... two steel balls, 1 inch in diameter, 1 to 2 inches apart in space will come together in about 20 minutes... NOT because of particle attraction, or electro-magnetism... but because the overlap areas of curved spacetime... and FALL into each other... we and objects are not attracted to the earth... all objects are surrounded by the negatively charged electrons of their atoms... THUS, like poles do not attract... but objects do become close... that is because they FALL in spacetime. There does not have to be a Higgs Boson for this to happen, in my opinion... but then I am not a Physicist, or Quantum Physicist.... and it took me YEARS to get my head around this. I independently came to notice this, in the early 2000's, as I had watched some shows on this...and the shows kept saying..."the gravitational force", or "the force of gravity"... but another show said what Einstein said..."Gravity is the EFFECT of mass on spacetime"... mass curves spacetime... and THUS, gravity is not a force... the "weight" of a mass... causes spacetime to curve, it is not the electro-magnetic charge of the particles attracting objects, those evidently cancel out... the effort of the mass of a ball, indents the cloth... this effect is what we call gravity. HOWEVER... there is "Gravitation-AL..." and that is not the same as Gravity. "Gravitational" is a polarizing motion, or energy... there is an area in the universe that is an area of striated space, polarized... because of this "gravitational force"... that moved through that area. Gravity itself may not be movement, or motion, but affects it, setting up Potential Energy...but "gravitational force"... IS... the energy of that movement... there are GRAVITATIONAL WAVES... in space... waves are motion... a kinetic energy wave... a wave in, on, or through spacetime. Spacetime is a medium. I did not believe that gravitational waves, or even the Higgs Boson, existed before their discovery. I thought..."Gravity does not act that way, gravity does not move OUTWARD in a wave, gravity SUCKS...right?" But GRAVITATION-AL... is not the same as Gravity... It moves... but I don't think that makes it a "fundamental force" with gravitons, and such, but I could be wrong... I don't think there are "space-tons, or time-tons", or particles...Why... because we are told "two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time"... and yet space expands, and time moves forwards.... movement is action. Action is Energy... but energy does not have to be particles which emit a "force". Electro-magnetic Force, is the movement, and alignment of electrons... do your iron filing experiment...... Now drop those iron filings on the floor... did they align? I hope that helped somewhat...

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  • Gravity is more of an attraction, as with similar proteins. This action can be seen in a bowl of eaten oatmeal filled with water and a bit of dish soap, left to stand or sit for a few hours. You will notice clumping in suspension.

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  • If gravity isn't really real then what are gravity waves??? and how do you explain those???

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  • Wow man! Thank you very much! The effort, the time, the expertise and lots of skill needed to create this video is overwhelming and you did it perfectly! Not just the educational content but the production, script, editing as whole is as good as the best documentaries can get. Very well done! Keep up amazing work!

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  • Wow you´re smart!!! LOL

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  • you are a murderer... you just killed my brain...

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  • Gravity force makes me more comfortable after this idk if im expanding flying upwards or want to jump of the building

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  • Question please, if I may? "In curved spacetime you need to accelerate just to stand still" Is there anyway you can visualise this please?

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  • More evidence for flat earth. The flat earth disc is accelerating up... when you fall off the roof, the flat earth disc is hitting you since it is accelerating up. How could this happen on all points of a SPHERE AT THE SAME TIME? flat earth: 1 science: 0 🤡

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  • the next time i fall off a roof i will try to picture the ground moving towards me instead of the other way around. i need a video on how the moon does our tides. my head hurts.

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  • This is easier to understand with Fractal Gear Field Theory

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  • very stupid explanation :(

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  • what about tidal force?

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  • No gravity. All mass and buoyancy!

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  • Already one error: You're ALWAYS "in" a gravitational field. The extent to which this gravitational field has a meaningful effect on your position, however, is important to note.

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  • I've seen the quote "gravity is NOT a force" was in Eugene's youtube video in around 14:38: fiboth.info/like/videot/nKhvrKTYxMPNmJk I higly recommend it!

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  • go check @scienceclick 's video about geodesics. It's in french but it's just one of the best youtube channel. ( I think he launched an english channel ;))

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  • If gravity doesn't exist, then what are gravitational waves?

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  • "Earth's gravity comes from all its mass. All its mass makes a combined gravitational pull on all the mass in your body. That's what gives you weight. And if you were on a planet with less mass than Earth, you would weigh less than you do here." Direct statement from NASA. I don't know what you are really trying to prove here, it's like a Hippie saying time doesn't exist.

    Anthony RoccoAnthony Rocco13 tuntia sitten
  • Planets have different GRAVITATIONAL FORCES based on their mass and density. The solar system orbits the way it does based on the gravitational forces or the sun and planets. If objects become too distant from the forces keeping them in orbit they leave our solar system because the FORCE is not great enough to keep them inside the orbit any longer. Please explain this "phenomenon" in terms of GRAVITY IS NOT A FORCE. Einstein himself said that claiming gravitational fields did not exist was on of the biggest blunders he ever made.

    Anthony RoccoAnthony Rocco14 tuntia sitten
  • Here's a silly question: What force is warping the space-time? I guess you can say that mass warps space-time, but by what mechanism (force) does it do that?

    Anthony Dunn - DCHSAnthony Dunn - DCHS14 tuntia sitten
  • This is the best explanation of general theory of relativity I've ever found. I hate that "ball on a trampoline/fabric" example everywhere. I wondered why that wrong explanation is given everywhere. Now i feel relieved.

    Radioactive elementRadioactive element14 tuntia sitten
  • I literally Watched this Video Twice and Thrice to Understand What Exactly he Is Saying... Yep Absolutely Mind Blowing Concept .. But I knew It Earlier But didn't had a Good Explanation for That. And Thats Why I watched the Video Thrice ... Cause Einstein Once Said ... "If U can't Explain Something Simply, It simply Means That U haven't understood it Well enough..." (Sorry for Changing SomeWords from the Phrase )

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  • If Gravity has no force, why does Jupiter's moon Europa, have huge surface cracks caused by Jupiter's gravitational pull ???????

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  • Someone else saw that? 12:32 ? :D

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    • if space time bends light ,then lighthas noass how?

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt15 tuntia sitten
  • I believe a missing component in the geodesic pedestrians example is mentioning great-circle/orthodrome distancing. It's inferred but not explained. No mistake, the example is sound, just incomplete. Without understanding orthodrome distancing, two people could walk parallel to each other and never cross paths if they're navigation is a small circle.

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  • Can't believe he stole Captain John's spaceship

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  • Am I the only one thinking that he kind of looks like Elon Musk?

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  • A magnetic field like our earth has ions and ions when right spin absorb into body and left spin ions don't And they repell each other That is the force that is gravity so it is a force just Not well known 🌇🌃

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  • Isn't the space time around massive objects curved because of gravity? Or is there another concept/force or explanation video for that?

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  • I like how he keeps reiterating with different examples, that really helps sink in the point.

    Jai SahniJai Sahni17 tuntia sitten
  • gravity is north polarity ether field based on the south polarity dominant vibration of earths harmonic mass amplification. It creates an ether pressure differential within all matters south polarity matter dominance, resulting in a magnetic attraction effect. Therefore antigravity can be achieved with monopole electro magnetics. Every twist or turn in the ether causes a magnetic phenomena. Everything is magnetism and matter.

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  • Bogus, gravity is a force, fact is all people fly around at incredible speed, those who are living near the poles fly at slow speed, the those who live at the equator at very high speed. Without gravity we would all fly to space; those living in the equator faster then those living at the poles.

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  • Then law of attraction is a myth.

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  • after seen wired s##t like this video, i stared to suspect everything i know for certain. ( everything i though i know for certain )

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  • It seems to me that spacetime envelops the globe, because no matter where you go on the planet the acceleration's the same.

    Andrew ChamberlainAndrew Chamberlain18 tuntia sitten
  • think of gravity instead of as the density of space and the curved space analogy gets easier to understand since it removes that visual problem of the curved sheet example. rather than space being curved like a sheet, you experience more space around objects of larger mass because they themselves are more space. as you travel in a straight line "experiencing" space you experience more space in the direction closest to the object of mass basically like a wave traveling through a varying density of air.

    ziz natorziz nator19 tuntia sitten
  • So thermodynamics is a lie too?

    RandomClickRandomClick19 tuntia sitten
  • Gravity is a force until it's not a force unless it is a force, but let's not force the issue. Gravity matters only in the presence of matter, but that's relatively relative to relativity!

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  • If it is true then why a start collapses into itself when it run out of fuel? And become a black hole

    Ajay SinghAjay Singh19 tuntia sitten
  • if space time bends light ,then lighthas noass how?

    Kamal SharmaKamal Sharma20 tuntia sitten
  • How many times is he going to change the thumbnail of this video

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  • There are 2 factors at effecting a moving particle. Newtons Gravitational Laws and Einstein’s laws. The author gives me the impression that he is trying to convince us that Newton’s laws are now void and irrelevant.

    Greg BayleyGreg Bayley20 tuntia sitten
    • Continuation of my previous post: I think very large masses effect the trajectory of very small masses as well as the factor of relatively. On earth, if someone came and sucked out the iron core of our planet many things would happen. Putting all other catastrophic, apocalyptic events, went you went to bed and weighed your self on a spring scale you weight 200#s. After your morning coffee and a good health dump you were down to 45#s. That’s a Newtonian change. On the moon you weigh 35#s. That is Newton not Einstein. If it took you 3 months to get to the moon and back you supposedly were now 3 months younger. That is Einstein. Your DNA has decomposed and your bone structure looks more like your grandmother’s according to the Russians. I hope that makes it more confusing. It took me 2 years to get through one year of under graduate physics. I decided to skip the theoretical gibberish and became a “guess and test” engineer.

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  • air resistace tho

    Identity is character not groupIdentity is character not group21 tunti sitten
  • OK, i stopped this video at about 5 min, 2 things, which may or may not be explained, when you are leaving earth in a spaceship, or a jet going on an upward trajectory, you dont gain weightlessness till you reach a certain point, would that point not be where you've broken free of the gravitational pull, or at least become more free of its pull? Second thing, Isnt the reason spacetime bends around large objects because of gravity? Videos always great, love science and learning new things!!

    Naassen DiamondNaassen Diamond21 tunti sitten
    • Follow up question, if we are accelerating up and thats what makes us "stick" to the earth, how are we all accelerating up, in every direction? Is it because spacetime is curving outward from a deeper spot in the planet thus exerting that acceleration in all directions outward making us accelerate no matter where we are? Id also be interested to see how this pertains to Black Holes, make for a good video id imagine!

      Naassen DiamondNaassen Diamond20 tuntia sitten
  • I understand the concept of the observer but how do you explain the gravitation effects of objects on different planet or bodies in space. our weight on Jupiter is felt heavier because of the mass of Jupiter whereas the weight we feel on the moon is far less.

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  • Awesome video @Veritasium But what is pushing us to accelerate? What are those Normal forces? Who is creating them? What is the (u^t) or velocity through time? And is that somehow related to what's making us accelerate in the first place? Thank you

    Petar PetrovskiPetar Petrovski21 tunti sitten
  • Excellent explanation, I totally agree, gravity is just an illusion. The scientific world's explanation that gravity is a force is nothing but a way of trying to show their knowledge is greater than that of the ordinary person. Gravity just does not exist, simple as that, wake up and just except reality.

    David DaviesDavid Davies21 tunti sitten
  • PLOT TWIST: the earth is ACTUALLY flat, it's the space-time that actually curves :v

    pr00thmaticpr00thmatic22 tuntia sitten
  • What about things that are smaller than earth but have more density eg. Neutron star. How would they affect us more if mass isn't a factor?

    James ManockJames Manock22 tuntia sitten
    • The earth's mass "M" is a factor, not the falling objects mass "m". More mass curves spacetime more.

      Narf WhalsNarf Whals22 tuntia sitten
  • If one person is in north pole, and the other in south, and the earth is accelerating towards north, then the southern person will fly off the earth's surface logically...how to compare this with the rocket science ?

    Anirban BanerjeeAnirban Banerjee22 tuntia sitten
  • 5.7k flat earthers ?

    Gaurav 15-BCA-129Gaurav 15-BCA-12922 tuntia sitten
  • Yes, but the principal of equivalence fails when tidal effects are measured. So in an accelerated frame of reference G is constant whether you are at the the top of the frame (rocket)or the bottom. But in a gravitational field gravity is less the further you go from the centre of the mass of the object - G is less at the top of a mountain than it is at the earth's surface - so the principal of equivalence falls down (pun intended).

    LotophagiLotophagi22 tuntia sitten
  • The hardware you used for going to space looks to high-tech

    Riccardo LeoneRiccardo Leone22 tuntia sitten
  • I have a simpler question. We don't fly off the earth because the gravity is higher than the centrifugal force of earth's rotation. GMm/r2 > rw2 (angular velocity). Therefore if we move to the north pole, r becomes shorter, while angular radius becomes zero because you are rotating about yourself and there is no centrifugal force. Therefore you should be pulled harder into the earth on north pole. Any idea?

    Santanu BhattacharjeeSantanu Bhattacharjee22 tuntia sitten
  • Yeah, you are looking for density and buoyancy.

    Daniel MartuneacDaniel Martuneac23 tuntia sitten
  • My book: gravity is a force Veritasium : allow me to introduce myself

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  • 4:07 is einsteinian jokes😁

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  • Yeah and that's false. Don't try and discuss physics when you don't understand it. Spacetime curvature and gravitational fields are not mutually exclusive concepts see Einstein's General Relativity predictions of gravitational waves in spacetime as recently confirmed by LIGO.

    Michael J HilsherMichael J Hilsher23 tuntia sitten
  • Maybe if you don't refer to the element as free falling it would help with the explanation, because it seems, based on what I think you are saying, that it may be stationery and the element on the bookshelf is in fact the one that is moving ( accelerating). just a thought .. really enjoyed the video.

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  • what about what vsauce said: the earth is pulling you, but also you pull the earth to you a tiny bit.

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  • So all statics problems just became dynamics problems.

    Jay DawgJay DawgPäivä sitten
  • That “illusion” hurts... a lot!

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  • @Veritasium you have to justified why on the globe 🌎 Gravity is experienced the same way , if the rocketship analogy was true then it wouldn't explain how a sphere would experience acceleration from whithin or is is the spherical aspect of the earth that is an illusion ?

    stew360stew360Päivä sitten
  • The problem i see with the rocketship analogy is that the rocketship has a flat surface wich is why it would hold you to the ground if it accelerate , but if earth was accelerating in the same linear fashion as a sphere poeoples wouldn't be atracted from everywhere on the planet yet everyone everywhere on the planet as far as i know experience gravity the same way wich make this analogy a bit inacurate ...so the explanation aint it

    stew360stew360Päivä sitten
    • Read the pinned comment or rewatch 8:28

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  • This is very well made 10/10 recommend it!!! I'm impressed :)

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