The Arrow of Time and How to Reverse It

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Ever wish you could travel backward in time and do things differently? Good news: the laws of physics seem to say traveling backward in time is the same as traveling forwards. So why do we seem to be stuck in this inexorable flow towards the future? It's time to begin our journey towards really understanding time.
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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt O'Dowd
Graphics by Leonardo Scholzer, Yago Ballarini, & Pedro Osinski
Directed by: Andrew Kornhaber
Assistant Producer: Setare Gholipour
Executive Producers: Eric Brown & Andrew Kornhaber
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  • I really get that tomorrow, yesterday, and the time arrow today...

    Norman ChaseNorman Chase2 päivää sitten
  • Cool

    Dom JohnnyDom Johnny4 päivää sitten
  • I find it very difficult to see time as something separated from things. For me, time is the duration of things. One day is the sum of the duration of 1440 minutes. If things didn't exist, including consciousness and space, there would be no way for time to be. Time does not exist by itself as space does. Time does not pass, you pass.

    Nenzatti BelleceNenzatti Bellece5 päivää sitten
  • so are we in the forward flowing universe or the reverse?

    PetrriPetrri9 päivää sitten
  • I don't know about that .when I was a kid I felt like I been here by feeling but not by meamory. There we where at a friend's house as kids there was a power cut I could feel people emoshions . But strangely there faces disaperd with the feelings of opening my eyes I somehow came back to a memory and awoken in a matter of seconds I was living in the past that I knew by a photo had past . But I was in this place where I know by a photo had past . It's like you been took from the future but replaced in the past you sence and feel thing by a odd evaporation feeling . Two separate times the past we had candles because of a power cut . I seen the photo of the memory .but in the future we where a little older and one minute your with family freinds and there's another power cut years apart so you don't think take thinking out but feel some how when the power cut went out at family freinds from a blink of my eyes my feelings took me back to a memory in s photo . But I've always been like that . Wakeing up in a little girls room not knowing who those blood people are and you have three sisters a dad blood mum. There's no memory's as in mine .some how you wing it you have a beat Freind who you can't remember a man calling you . Like a mashine. Who as to reconnect . No you live on a false program of inhabtince sadly if you where an individual you know logically you would not tolreat s**it because who you are does not add up if you revice things . You ever felt reborn but backwards like the future present and the past is an elushion sorry I can't spell the right sound to the word I'm looking for. Some times you can close your eyes at the dentist and some how tap into a memory that's not yours and half way through having a fill in the dentist is trying to wake you up but your in a dream a boy with he's dad and a plane . I couldn't understand why I fell asleep intell next time I was early and blimey I looked at the new but old magazines planes . And was like who's interested in planes weirdly they where the man's from the dentist with the power drill in my gob. You ever felt three way angles you close your eyes and feel your self but your body is logicaly in the bed but you feel your self feeling vibreations like your a feeling In the corner of the room but you sence feelings from where .any way you turn on the light spider three times like you close your eyes but your behind your self and turn on the ligh another spider . You could be in your room and drawn to feelings pen and the like your stepping in to the feeling of a souls meamory and right and hand it to who you feel connected to by feeling of meamory. You are in your room but you close your eyes it's like you close your eyes but you open them your down stairs with out a body and it's like it's a place that as no place in time logically your body is in the room but but some how your in same house but different there's no vibreation only to the connection to your body that getting back your drawn to s feeling somethink coming .but also your mind starts to think and your senceing an odd connection with feelings someyhinks comeing. Your floating with out the exsistince of a body or meamories. Your at the door entrance seen where logicaly your body is so .but you connected with the mind your feeling where your standing but it's not possible . Your seen where your body is but your not dead . But your mind is a weak but your feeling your self at the door way.

    Gemma Louise RowledgeGemma Louise Rowledge10 päivää sitten
  • Nice video. Philochrony is the theory that describes the nature of time and demonstrates its existence. Time is magnitive: objective, Imperceptible (intervals) and measurable.

    Elvis SibiliaElvis Sibilia11 päivää sitten
  • Go ahead. Unbreak that egg. We'll wait.

    willyburgerwillyburger14 päivää sitten
  • because we have 1 d of time

    wells harriswells harris15 päivää sitten
  • Perhaps if I watch this backwards I’ll understand it.

    Carlos CastilloCarlos Castillo15 päivää sitten
  • Time is a dimension. If you travel 40 miles to a nearby city and then travel back you have not traveled 0 miles, you've gone 80. Space has the same arrow as time, you cannot travel in a "negative direction" in space.

    phookadudephookadude15 päivää sitten
  • I think UFO technology is a lot more credible than time travel.

    wulphsteinwulphstein17 päivää sitten
  • What's the good news! We still can't travel back in time!

    Young GanhaoYoung Ganhao18 päivää sitten
  • Does a black hole have increasing entropy or decreasing entropy?

    John WytheJohn Wythe22 päivää sitten
  • energy is the sensation of contrast and so it is just like universal feeling about the difference of state of everyting. we could stop sensation by either minimum ether or maximum ether that mum the sensation that contrast ignore then nothing happen

    Eric PhamEric Pham24 päivää sitten
  • it was a hoax because you can not goes back unless humanity had to finish its crime completely so repay time began with more payback with interest. but the calculation led to discovery that at certain distance away from center of universe there is a threshold that everything had constant acceleration and stuck there

    Eric PhamEric Pham24 päivää sitten
  • Time travel to the past is impossible because entropy ALWAYS increases. Time travel to the future is, however, plausible.

    Ragnar RagnarökRagnar Ragnarök27 päivää sitten
  • 6:40 Matt says that entropy does not care about the direction of time, as it will most likely increase over time either way, however when you look at the whole picture of the process, you clearly see there is a direction on which adjacent time steps lead to increasing entropy, which would be the preferred direction of the universe. So... does that imply that the universe has " " " knowledge " " " of the whole picture of the interactions that happened and will happen in the future, and so it knows that our current "forward" time arrow is the one that increases the entropy the most? Does that mean that the whole information of every single interaction is encoded in the fabric of the universe and the imbalance in entropy between the beginning and end of the universe itself leans the scale towards the direction time takes currently? A.K.A. Does the arrow of time depend on a difference of GLOBAL states of the universe or LOCAL states? If the universe does not " " " know " " " about all these interactions forehand, if " " " it " " " makes a "decision" at every single time-step and so it happens that the preferred direction always end up being the one that maximizes entropy in the average, wouldn't that mean that space-time fabric could bend over itself locally at those places where entropy is decreasing? That is: wherever a local cluster is created, time would have to locally go "backwards" to match the preferably direction of maximum entropy increase? If space in space-time fabric can bend locally (i.e., by gravity), can time does so too?

    Manu Blanco ValentínManu Blanco ValentínUukausi sitten
  • Black holes can't be reversed because particles would have to travel faster than light relative to spacetime if inside the event horizon.

    Mathew MunroMathew MunroUukausi sitten
  • I thought about undoing everything what I did wrong in the past. :'-(

    Starand321Starand321Uukausi sitten
  • Great job

    H M JamilH M JamilUukausi sitten
  • The reason for the ‘arrow of time’ is defined by the lowest temporal dimension, that of functional information, an ‘arrow’ of temporal flow is needed for operational order to remain preserved at the lowest level, and causality at the higher levels It’s technically inescapable, as one will still travel ‘forward’ in that temporal dimension when traveling ‘backward’ through higher temporal dimensions This ends up handling all the temporal paradoxes that occur, as one will never end up in an earlier state of the previous timeline they were in, regardless of how accurate the time travel mechanism This occurs once you consider time and space to be interwoven at the lower dimensions, which interlace upward to where we are dimensionally Simply put: the basic function dimensions of the universe require an arrow to preserve that functionality

    Orion GurtnerOrion GurtnerUukausi sitten
  • Time loops are real ,repeated many days ,same events ,same people. Most people don't notice or remember. Brain gets reset .I remembered .

    Chink FrenchChink FrenchUukausi sitten
  • Time reversed universe is made of antimatter. It's eternal future is our eternal past.

    Raptor302Raptor302Uukausi sitten
  • "Where's all the antimatter?" Before the Big Bang.

    Dan DartDan DartUukausi sitten
  • Entropy does work for a future events. Entropy does not work if you're treating the past as the past if you're treating the past the present and the past as future events that have not occurred yet then entropy will work.

    Dolly DupeeDolly DupeeUukausi sitten
  • I've never heard such a succinct explanation of the reasons for using "labels" to describe something. They are useful if everyone understands what the label represents, and not so useful in describing the variations of that label. It's similar in that way to any other word with one or more complex definitions.

    Beth KZBeth KZUukausi sitten
  • NOOOO!!! Time is abstract. Its a dimension. Dimensions are abstract. Please tell me you, a professional scientist, understands this!! They exists in our minds only to reference (calibrate and index) the underlying objective reality. Time references Change. The ONLY empirical evidence of 'time passing' is Change happening. Time is abstract, Change is real. And Change is quantum specific. Time doesn't flow...Change events happen for this 'flow'....there are hence zillions of 'Arrows of Change' but no universal 'Arrow of Time'. And the Block Universe is utter nonsense!! Why do you hypothesis using Time when you admit to not really know what Time is?? How does that work. Stop thinking Time, think quantum change events. Understand the proper meaning of the words you use!!

    Simon J MorleySimon J MorleyUukausi sitten
  • You assume time that we experience is one way ,50% of matter is actually anti-matter going backwards in time. From a low entropy state it will increase with change in time,entropy itself is does not have a preferred direction. A way to describe the illusion of asymmetry of both matter and time.

    Bryn.S. CatBryn.S. CatUukausi sitten
  • I have a legitimate question. Is it scientifically possible for someone's soul, or consciousness, to leave their currently aged human based avatar and jump back to a younger version of themselves? Kind of like a video game avatar in that if I play a game, and I reboot the game to an earlier point in the timeline, I am jumping into a younger version of the self, but I retain the experiences, and ideas and memories from that future avatar. It enables me to play the game differently from a younger point. What would it take to unhook a soul from the current body, and then jump back to a younger version and retain all memories? Thoughts?

    Todd MitchemTodd MitchemUukausi sitten
  • One day one smart man will tell us what time is and how it works and we all will say “I can’t believe it was that simple”

    ViViViViUukausi sitten
  • I know Vaccum Decay is not very likely although 😨 that word itself sends chills down my spine.

    Alton KingAlton KingUukausi sitten
  • The laws of physics do NOT say that traveling forward in time is the same as traveling backwards. There's one place where the laws of physics are NOT time reversible. And that's inside a black hole's event horizon. Outside the event horizon, if you send a photon in exactly the direction it came from, it will backtrack the way it came from. If you play a video of a ball being thrown and hitting the ground backwards, it still rises into the air in a parabolic path. But something different is about the area inside a black hole. All light cones point into the black hole as time passes forwards, and away from it as time goes in reverse. Meaning there is a definite difference between backward in time pointing vectors and forward in time pointing vectors. If time reversibility fails inside a black hole, there's no reason it shouldn't fail elsewhere, just not in such obvious ways.

    medexamtoolsdotcommedexamtoolsdotcomUukausi sitten
  • Is galaxy is moving? Forward if yes then can a galaxy can be captured by a black hole and we know that every time a new galaxy forms and if it is true then there will be an energy in the centre of the universe and if we able to find that energy we will be able to pridict the future because if we know the position of the every particle in the universe then we can pridict future if we got that energy source...

  • To alter the flow of time, you would have to be God and unfortunately we aren't. Time will just forever continue in an endless cycle of forwardness. And that's just it really.⏳

    The Krazy Komment KingThe Krazy Komment KingUukausi sitten
  • I want to know all the math we have and work on physics. Pleh!

    Tumter ngomdir Tumter ngomdirTumter ngomdir Tumter ngomdirUukausi sitten
  • There is a lot humans don't know about time, just like starfish move in a slower time than humans, there are other creatures/animals that live in a faster time that we can't see unless they stand still, I personally have seen a 3 foot bird vanish into thin air as soon as it saw me

    sk8 514sk8 5142 kuukautta sitten
  • Going in reverse simply doesn't seem functional at the micro level, despite the fact the overall stream of time particles would generally mirror a similar directionality.

    A JA J2 kuukautta sitten
  • |||

    Diana AnaidDiana Anaid2 kuukautta sitten
  • Time is a gluon muon affinity combination in a given space.

    Shawn GreenShawn Green2 kuukautta sitten
  • sycamore of thermodynamics

    Kristopher PelotteKristopher Pelotte2 kuukautta sitten
  • Did they see Tenant yet?

    James LucasJames Lucas2 kuukautta sitten
  • Naniniwala ako sa time travel Speed of light lng ang kailangan

    Mark LorenzMark Lorenz2 kuukautta sitten
  • FIboth seems to be playing this series in reverse chronological order, meaning... FIboth runs on antimatter?

    Chris RobertsChris Roberts2 kuukautta sitten
  • There are multiple directions in time!

    Icarus RoseIcarus Rose2 kuukautta sitten
  • im a native english speaker and i feel like an esl student dropped into an ap english class. you're using words i know... but not in the way that i know them.

    mrk p.mrk p.2 kuukautta sitten
  • Who says inexorable twice

    david ludwigdavid ludwig2 kuukautta sitten
  • I am a physicist: time cannot exist movement...time capture the movement of anything is space...if there was no movement in space there would be no time...the universe continues to expand and thus time continues to be clocked, when movement ceases so shall time...and when movement collapses back into itself so shall time run backwards until no more...this is why the laws of physics collapse in a black hole

    Ad AstraAd Astra2 kuukautta sitten
  • Is there any real difference between ability to remember things and ability to predict things?

    CanisestlupusCanisestlupus2 kuukautta sitten
  • Could time actually be still and notion of time is created when things flow/move through the time-grid? Being total reverse of how people normally imagine time.

    TuuSaRTuuSaR2 kuukautta sitten
  • Maybe because we are 3D people, we only can perceive time in a forward direction due to our limited interactions with the 4rth dimension. Like the 2d people that only see a widening circle when a globe passes through their world, we perceive time only by what has passed because the future has yet to move through our space. In order to see the future, we should have lift ourselves off our 3D world, or at least be able to see past the 3D world.

    Shanti ShantiShanti Shanti3 kuukautta sitten
  • I cannot unhear this as the Sycamore. The trees are to blame for entropy, Gimli was right!

    Anarchy AntzAnarchy Antz3 kuukautta sitten
  • Could the amount of entropy in a system influence gravity itself? E.g. to help explain speed of the Milky Way's spiral arms?

    Steve SharplesSteve Sharples3 kuukautta sitten
  • Oh, my God, what a bullshit. does anyone observe reverse in time? I can answer: no one. because time reverse requires negative energy

    TiciusTicius3 kuukautta sitten
  • You all who get this - should watch Dark the most brilliant sci fy series ever written ! “The end is the beginning...” neither ever nor never goodbye

    Jenni PerkinsJenni Perkins3 kuukautta sitten
  • How are repulsive and attractive forces time-symmetrical? Doesn't gravity inherently define a forward direction?

    emarskemarsk3 kuukautta sitten
  • Before the Big Bang everyone was like Benjamin Button😱

    George StathisGeorge Stathis3 kuukautta sitten
  • Who are here after Tenet??😂

    sai ganesh sai ganeshsai ganesh sai ganesh3 kuukautta sitten
  • Birds are to be worshiped. Not used for evil, worship the bird. And love it too. Don’t let pedophiles fool you. Take it down. Stop this stupid divide and conquer thing happening in quantum physics and see inside your own time and space and how that creates your own reality and projects it’s influence thereby such. Inward not outward. Collider in your neural wires.

    Voudika VinkaVoudika Vinka3 kuukautta sitten
  • Your perception is bound by empirical reality, ok so what if time is that now? And we have No laws except the natural laws before this way was maliciously woven in the optical refractions and manipulation of sound colour angle sound wave shape. Watch this and wait for the real. The real is not this complex, the game is full of division and tactics to be false and cause more error in the further they go. This is nothing but a dead end, own it. Go into your own time, dee your space and what is reality and that isn’t always going to be empirical as empirical isn’t even empirical (um francis bacon and co)?. The world is a holograph and quantum and yes there is biology and process and that is a law but right now? This is propagating this vacuum, decay. No new information, random systems process in symbiosis and the ebb and flow of LAW OF REAL, and regenerate, the whole world, yes free will for the whole biosphere and beyond. Free all this waste of intelligence on a designed maze of tangible by our human sense reality, give into your error and we can work together or risk listing all forever

    Voudika VinkaVoudika Vinka3 kuukautta sitten
  • Clocks are the only indication that time exists in this way. What about cycles and processes seen in biology in Systems theory? Are your TIME measurements on entropy valid if the time has been manipulated by the optical illusion that builds the blocks of empirical science? Is that an illusion? Let’s see this for the reality. Time is fake. Light and waves and perception are all bound to be misaligned you are giving the empirical method too much for the things it doesn’t ever build on. Let’s build quantum reality not quantum illusion.

    Voudika VinkaVoudika Vinka3 kuukautta sitten
  • Birds rule the world. Time or time beyond. Who cares ? Go into the quantum flow of REALITY and let go of the holographic quantum lies that generate more lies to cause more lies. Give up the game. The prime creator is all that begins and ends in vibration, light and sound in the first wave oscillation. Energy called back to create a microcosmic universe and that is ruled by the winged leaders. Let the world be. Regeneration of quantum harmony or fragmented dissected and division over a fake illusion? It’s up to you

    Voudika VinkaVoudika Vinka3 kuukautta sitten
  • Time is under the wrong laws.., to construct a fake optical hologram. Time is an illusion. The brain sees the projection of empirical world but doesn’t understand anything beyond the science of this, but the merger is coming. Time is illusion, the concepts of duality are illusions, the true and symbiotic laws will reign. Give up the game.

    Voudika VinkaVoudika Vinka3 kuukautta sitten
  • I feel like even if time did go backwards, we would still perceive it to be moving forwards since our brains work by remembering everything in the 'past'. So with every time slice that we moved 'backwards' we would just forget our previous 'present' state, so we wouldn't notice at all.

    arcraitharcraith3 kuukautta sitten
  • One of the best arguments in time travel, I've thought: if you went back in time, how would you know? When SciFi talks time travel, it really means traveling forward in time to some point "back" in time.

    James Higgins-ThomasJames Higgins-Thomas3 kuukautta sitten
  • There is the curious thing where our whole evolution has gone from less organized to more organized, less complex to more complex. It takes a certain stability in what seems to be a forward flow in time and motion for this organization to happen. Could there be something more fundamental happening in the opposite direction of time that finally starts to manifest when the forward flow and motion is calm enough to allow it to show? The notion being if you were to look at our evolution in reverse, we would be becoming less complex and then in this backwards direction evolution finally makes sense in the way it never really has in the traditional way of looking at it. So when you trace forward over the course of billions of years this weak backwards time element from our perspective is always getting a chance to manifest somewhere on Earth, eventually leading to where we are at today? So put all together we are all part of some future, some small component of which was dragged backwards in time and allowed for what we see today moving forward. This way you can still end as in your heap of particles may never be a part of complex life again when you die and and so have no future of high 'alive' organization, but because these small quantum futures keep ending up back in time and interacting with particles moving forward in time, you end up tied to one of these backwards time string complexities. Also all of this breaks down into quantum moment by moment time scales, so this whole life and death thing is more of a construct for human mind comprehension than the reality of the matter. Then again where does the human mind construct really end and reality really begin, right? It seems like the two never meet and the closest we ever really get is a mathematical model pushing the limits of human comprehension on the matter. There is also the problem of we can never really advance past the point in time where we understand why. So even if you see the future, if you don't understand the decisions, you will probably end up doing what you saw if what you saw is correct because you don't understand why you would do it differently until you experience it, but then those moments in time would have past and so it remains the same. At most there is a tightening to where say if manifest at a subconscious / conscious level maybe you start learning a skill before you need it and then when you need it, you are more prepared when the time comes and so that future you waste less time caught off guard. At a more physical level instead of hitting physical stressors and failing as you are already on the path to failure, is tilted more into having the attributes to succeed and be better for next time. This gets into a deep fundamental of everything we thought we saw is kind of wrong, but now we are accounting for the anomaly by adding a whole new paradigm to the model. It is a question though of whether this is completely wrong or is there something to it?

    Jason SnyderJason Snyder3 kuukautta sitten
  • Time could already be going backward. The big crunch may already be happening.

    Breakup GoogleNowBreakup GoogleNow4 kuukautta sitten
  • Time is mans measuring "tool" to measure our perception of the changes taking place constantly in the universe. The constant changes are specific to our perception. I don't know alot about multiple universes but I would go with multiple dimensions. In our dimension it is not a repeating factor, minuscule differences are a factor. On a quantum scale I could not say. Dimensions are size less. Nothing to great, nothing to small. Everything that is manufactured isn't the same as its predecessor. Minute changes each one(time). So time(motion) also changes and never repeats. Snowflakes. Fingerprints. Twins. Dimensions are the term to describe sizes. As the expanding universe rips matter/energy into smaller dimensions. Forever changing into smaller pieces of observation. Changes are breaking us down every moment of motion. As the theory of dimensions is broken into smaller pieces, time slows down becoming smaller with it. Perception is what we understand. The theory of the big bang could very well be a ripped piece of energy/mass converted to a new dimension. Expansion of a particle, of space. Just my thoughts. Crazy right. As distances get greater and energy/mass gets smaller it would appear to slow down. Perception.

    TimothyTimothy4 kuukautta sitten
  • The laws of physics allow for the reversal of time, yes, since they are described by equations that allow that. Equations are mathematical. Physics isn't. Causality is physical. When a virtual particle emerges with enough energy, it participates in quantum fields. That particle vanishes, but not its energy. Time comes from causality, never the other way around. Causality can't be undone. Another way to see that reversal of time can't mean going back in the past is that time isn't in control of the physical world. Since time is a concept of our imagination, believing otherwise would require our imagination to influence the physical world. You might argue that time exists since Einstein's theory of special relativity proves time dilation. But it's velocity and gravitation (general theory) that causes this. Time is never in control of anything. It doesn't exist, then.

    Jean CorriveauJean Corriveau4 kuukautta sitten
  • What about probable events? If a particle has a 50% chance to do something in one time direction, does it have 100% probability to retrace it's steps in backwards time direction?

    EndureTemptationEndureTemptation4 kuukautta sitten
  • Benjamin Button passed from here.

    JulioMarinelsJulioMarinels4 kuukautta sitten
  • In 1987, a Cover Story in Discover Mag asked the question: "Why do we ONLY remember the past and we NEVER "remember" the future? THE Article indicated that, according to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, remembering the Future would be possible. But in 2018 or 2019, no one could "remember" that the Global Pandemic happened in 2020 ! Yeah, that would be crazy! But if 'TIME'S ARROW' can flow both backwards and forwards, as that 1987 article (Which, BTW, I still have!) or if Time's Arrow can be reversed, as this YOU TUBE Video shows, then 'Remembering the Future " would be as common as 'Remembering the Past'!

    rdelrosso2001rdelrosso20014 kuukautta sitten

    JonathanJonathan4 kuukautta sitten
  • Hindusim & Buddhism Cyclical eternal universe

    Ching VangChing Vang4 kuukautta sitten
  • Another stop in my journey to understanding TENET 😅

    ZelliesZellies4 kuukautta sitten
  • I find this much better explained at ScienceClic.

    Craig CollingsCraig Collings4 kuukautta sitten
    • English one or the French one?

      a very curious clump of atoma very curious clump of atom4 kuukautta sitten
  • Tenet?

    Li Bai WuLi Bai Wu4 kuukautta sitten
  • Entropy does care about direction of time in a large system. Universe entropy has increased since the Big Bang and reversing time would decrease space going backwards and orderly of particles will increase.

    Cyrus DariushCyrus Dariush4 kuukautta sitten
  • Find a particle with imaginary mass multiple of “i” then the time goes backwards. Make your mass in to multiple of “i” then the time will go backwards for you too.

    Cyrus DariushCyrus Dariush4 kuukautta sitten
  • The faster you move through space the slower you move through time, ergo an object at rest is moving as fast as possible through time. But is there such a thing as negative velocity, so you could hypothetically move faster through time?

    Gary ChisholmGary Chisholm4 kuukautta sitten
  • Space creator's (N2P) TIMELINE definition correct. When we use this definition, also partial fragmentation of it's TIMELINE. So it gives to us micro timelined or timed REGION.

    Ferdi TekinFerdi Tekin4 kuukautta sitten
  • Of course, if you traveled back in time you would go into a dead, decaying past. It's the plain nature of our universe. If you went a few minutes into the past you would find everything decaying. Batteries would be flat. Chemical reactions would fail. Food would be stale or spoiled. The very air would be stale. A longer time back would see the structure of the world dissolving. If you managed to skip forward some minutes you would see the future on the cusp of being born. It is always in motion being written by the consciousnesses of billions of cosmic authors telling their stories to shape the shadows of our lives into new dawnings of new eras where generosity overcomes greed.

    R JonboyR Jonboy4 kuukautta sitten
  • something to do with spin and being built upon deeper dimensions of information???

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  • That's fascinating

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  • Hammeroff and Penrose - Consciousness { You Tube}○●☆

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  • Absolutely Epic. This is a fantastic meeting place.

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  • Are you interested about translated your videos to Spanish.? I can help. send me a contact email. or a web contact link.

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  • Maybe thats why we have de ja vu's

    Lyno DavinciLyno Davinci4 kuukautta sitten
  • We can time travel in our dreams

    Vincent GillVincent Gill4 kuukautta sitten
  • How would we know if we did go backwards in time? Memories in our brain would be unwritten and we would never know it. Same if time stood still for a million years. We would never know since no memories would be created in our brain. Since we can only recall memories our brain has recorded, we could be going backwards in time right now and not be aware of it.

    Greg TitamerGreg Titamer4 kuukautta sitten
  • I am not sure I understood entropy, but if maximum entropy is reached when everything is evenly distributed, what can have any lower entropy than all space compressed into a single point of infinite mass and absolutely even density across all space? If so, the big bang initial seconds are also very low entropy scenarios as we can see in the microwave radiation background. I feel confused. Here is stated big bang was high entropy because everything was arranged in a specific way, that is all matter in a point, but if all space available was that point, how else could it be arranged? Isn't entropy somewhat related to the inverse of the chance of being in a particular state among those available? The rarest the chance, thr higher the entropy. But since all arrangements of matter at big bang would leave everything as it was, how can be entropy high? What am I missunderstanding?

    Jose A MartinezJose A Martinez4 kuukautta sitten
    • Maybe you are misshearing...

      JOHN294JOHN2943 kuukautta sitten
  • Time doesn't exist. It exists only on our mind. What really exists is an event. Once an event occurs, it can't be undone.

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  • Please do an episode on vacuum decay like you suggested. It would be very interesting

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  • Happy thank's giving. I wish you all the best for 2021...

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  • And when talking about the universe amd entropy occuring in reverse. I serioisly say no. If entropy happens in a way that all particles reach an equal state of energy then that eventual end outcome would be a singularity, all particles and energy have returned to an equal 0 state, which i believe is what happens in blackholes, so it is fair to say that the singularity is just an ultra massive black hole, which collapses on itself to create a universe creating supernova. If you think of a black hole as a form of star, and that stars when they reach a certain mass negates their gravitational force go supernova, then why cant a blackhole eventually contain enough energy and mass to overcome its tremendous gravitational force

    Goat LordGoat Lord4 kuukautta sitten
  • The flaw in this is that pbs is talking about individual particles, not particles that have joined together to create other elements or life. With these more complex structures, time begins at their creation, therefore that structures entropy can only occur forward in time, because before its perception of time it doesnt exist, you cant go back further than its creation and its beginning perception of time. So entropy can only occur forwards.

    Goat LordGoat Lord4 kuukautta sitten
  • "Time is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one nonetheless. -Albert Einstein. So therefore nothing more than a stubborn illusion but a great one nonetheless.

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  • Time travel will therefore become possible, in all good time then.⏳🕛

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  • I'm curious, how does the reversel of time effect gravity?

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  • yes, you just go in the other direction in time. Really simple :)

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