KTM 350EXC-F with Chris Hollis & Adam Riemann

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Australian Off-Road Champion Chris Hollis shows you how altering the fork height can change the handling of your bike.

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  • I’ve never seen anyone ride ruts like that. I would have hit those ruts and ended up in the rhubarb.

    Eean1975Eean1975Vuosi sitten
  • What happened to the tire change......?....really..

    BigironBigiron2 vuotta sitten
  • I'm not doing wheelies. my shoulders will pop out and ill die. does it on jetskis so I'm sure it will happen riding hard

    R SR S2 vuotta sitten
  • is be doing more road riding than off road so the 500 might be a better choice.

    R SR S2 vuotta sitten
  • These guys are tearing it up on those bikes! 🏁

    The Moto KingThe Moto King2 vuotta sitten
  • Psychological game eliminate nomination uniform currently domestic rebel teenager phrase soon.

    Pedro MoralesPedro Morales2 vuotta sitten
  • Great video, thank you! I have a 2016 EXC-F350 with a full race tech system. I am an aging 60 year old Novice skilled rider that rides mostly desert single track, mountain trails and fire roads and sadly some sand. I currently run my forks at 2 lines with NO steering stabilizer. What would you suggest, drop it to flush? Thank you in advance!!

    FallbangskidFallbangskid2 vuotta sitten
  • How quick were the bikes guys. i wanna know about the speed of the 350

    foxxrider250rfoxxrider250r2 vuotta sitten
  • I crank those fork tube triple tree bolts as tight as I can get them without stripping the bolt with no strange feelings in the forks at all. If your telling me I'm clamping and crushing the tube even the slightest bit your full of shit.

    jeffrey sistijeffrey sisti2 vuotta sitten
  • If all you plan to do is dirt, I'd go 300 two-stroke any day.

    Lifted_AboveLifted_Above3 vuotta sitten
  • 4:12 what happens?

    Edoardo FerrariEdoardo Ferrari3 vuotta sitten
    • He's letting the fork "settle" to straight and parallel with the other fork. Then he will tighten the pinch bolts and hold it straight and parallel. This way it won't bind when it travels up and down.

      Greg MeolaGreg Meola2 vuotta sitten
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    • Soraia Hessel

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  • a minha maio vontade é compra uma KTM e fase motocross

    Parick LimaParick Lima5 vuotta sitten
    • Parick Lima trilha e melhor

      Sávio FariasSávio Farias3 vuotta sitten
  • What is the torq this bolt need's?

    Carl JacobCarl Jacob5 vuotta sitten
    • +Carl Jacob look in your manual ;)

      ls2011schorschls2011schorsch5 vuotta sitten
  • we have deer... in australia !?! when did that happen

    sunjabib ahladeensunjabib ahladeen5 vuotta sitten
    • damn son thats some dank numbers

      sunjabib ahladeensunjabib ahladeen5 vuotta sitten
    • @sunjabib ahladeen About 1861 hahaha

      leighsa49leighsa495 vuotta sitten
  • It is my next motorcycle

    geeko 34geeko 345 vuotta sitten
  • Hi mate just a quick question, I sometimes get a tingly itchy sensation between my toes, do you think its just athletes foot or should I worry?

    Danny CockburnDanny Cockburn5 vuotta sitten
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  • Sim Top , Mais Ta Ai !

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  • I never can understand why people dislike videos like this. There either his competitors, or atv riders haha. Anyways, very informative and great riding. Thanks

    flawlessfooseflawlessfoose6 vuotta sitten
    • some times i do it for no reason at all@- Mniak

      eddy currenteddy currentVuosi sitten
    • me neither, they obviously don't like dirt bikes in which case there watching the wrong videos.

      Richard CottamRichard Cottam2 vuotta sitten
    • Pakistan charges 200% duty on foreign vehicle imports... a $10k enduro costs upto $33k shipped and legalized.. even I cant dislike Riemann's videos..

      Yasir AliYasir Ali3 vuotta sitten
    • Yessir

      - Mniak- Mniak3 vuotta sitten
    • they don't know how to ride these bikes

      Ariel nAriel n4 vuotta sitten
  • haha I own an Yamaha IT200 from 1983 and I used to think the the suspension was old and it needed new shocks, when I increased the length as well as the pressure my bike handled 100% better if you have handling problems on an old bike fuck with your shocks a bit

    kickassprankstazkickassprankstaz6 vuotta sitten
  • should i get the 350 or the 500

    jap338kxjap338kx6 vuotta sitten
    • @jap338kxid your doing tight technical or close woods most defiantly the 350 if your out on the desert the 500 is your bike

      bam 0217bam 02175 vuotta sitten
    • My brother in law just bought the 350 and it's a sweet machine ! Depending on your experiance level would depend on which bike I would get. I can ride the 350 fast then a 500. It's just not as much work to ride, but the 500 definetly has it's place.

      flawlessfooseflawlessfoose6 vuotta sitten
  • its should be street legal :(

    murad güzelmurad güzel6 vuotta sitten
    • @Marlon Meinke falsch..

      Dominik HerdenDominik Herden5 vuotta sitten
    • Die in dem Video is ne 4t! Du kannst die Krümmer und dämpfer bei 2t ändern und eintragen lassen

      Marlon MeinkeMarlon Meinke6 vuotta sitten
    • @Marlon Meinke nope. Die volle Leistung bekommst du einfach nicht eingetragen.. Wegen abgas und Lautstärke vorschriften etc. Ist ja auch n 2Takter und die bekommt man heutzutage fast nichtmehr mit voller Leistung eingetragen

      MilchbengelMilchbengel6 vuotta sitten
    • @Arryiti Braka es geht das man die offen fahren kann wenn du den entsprechenden lappen hast. Das sind keine 125er die du mit nur 11 kw fahren darfst. ;-)

      Marlon MeinkeMarlon Meinke6 vuotta sitten
    • @Arryiti Braka es geht das man die offen fahren kann wenn du den entsprechenden lappen hast. Das sind keine 125er die du mit nur 11 kw fahren darfst. ;-)

      Marlon MeinkeMarlon Meinke6 vuotta sitten
  • перевести не как ?

    Ruslan TamaevRuslan Tamaev7 vuotta sitten
  • so you can afford to buy a dirt bike!!!

    Jeff BenderJeff Bender7 vuotta sitten
    • I love Enduro. I like Enduro

      wiwek sangsawetwiwek sangsawet7 vuotta sitten
  • king

    Anton DaggertAnton Daggert7 vuotta sitten
  • I'm not a pro with this stuff but I think it depends on rider weight

    Nate MeyerNate Meyer7 vuotta sitten
  • amazing riders

    Taylor DaviesTaylor Davies7 vuotta sitten
  • What is the difference between KTM 350EXC-F and KTM 350 freeride ? :)

    Vasil KarabadjakovVasil Karabadjakov7 vuotta sitten
  • haha ya that's true. Only 3 more years.

    JaredJared7 vuotta sitten
  • to get an education to afford a bike like this :D?

    Erlend_MotocrossErlend_Motocross7 vuotta sitten
  • I wish that I could afford a dirt bike. Why did I go to college?

    JaredJared7 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks! Great riding style!

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  • O_o better than porns!

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  • keren

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  • ill take the guy in the black

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  • what did chris do? he has this thingy on his chest?

    Phoebe DannPhoebe Dann8 vuotta sitten
  • everyone says to use a torque wrench but no one ever does!

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  • Nicely shot and informative

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  • Good video to learn from him. Thank you

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  • whats folk hat?

    amryamahaamryamaha8 vuotta sitten
  • haha, maybe the saying; 'playing chicken' should be re-phrased to 'playing deer'

    04enduro04enduro8 vuotta sitten
  • I always thought you had to remove the front wheel to move the fork tubes up and down. Nice to know it's that easy.

    modcitmodcit8 vuotta sitten
  • look at his clutch O.o

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  • Helpfull Video !

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  • niiiice niiiice

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  • great video, i learned a lot! thanks

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  • nice

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  • Hey mate what camera do you use? cheers

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  • Noice!

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  • Awesome series of vids, keep up the great work!!

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  • Hollis's mike makes him look like he's had a tracheotomy :p thanks for another excellent clip! keep em coming

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