KTM 2020 exc 500 450 250 - Test ride

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  • When your front tire lasts 10x longer that the rear, you've done something right. LOL.

    Ari LehtiniemiAri LehtiniemiUukausi sitten
  • we all know the short guy is Kimmi Raikkonen

    esteban lopezesteban lopezUukausi sitten
  • Hi mate. I have question. I have 450 exc 2020. IF i want put it on akrap slip on silencer. Need i do something with engine or engine maps. Or just put it on.

    Marek SkodaMarek Skoda2 kuukautta sitten
  • I got a 501 and I love it that thing loves to wheelie

    Ducati JoeDucati Joe3 kuukautta sitten
  • 1:30 lol

    HardcoreWeeabooHardcoreWeeaboo4 kuukautta sitten
  • 450 feels snappier than the 500 , im glad to choose de 450 i can do all , desert , woods , super moto , plenty of power

    Antoine SannfilipoAntoine Sannfilipo5 kuukautta sitten
  • No 350? 250 is weak

    Antoine SannfilipoAntoine Sannfilipo5 kuukautta sitten
  • I saw a lake...where is that location... I'm goin fishing.

    Axl Dylan LaksonoAxl Dylan Laksono6 kuukautta sitten
  • KTM лучшая компания делающая мотоциклы !

    Павел УткинПавел Уткин6 kuukautta sitten
  • Very Good Video

    Moritz KonschakMoritz Konschak6 kuukautta sitten
  • What country is this?? Riding in the woods is so fucking epic

    Tyler L.Tyler L.8 kuukautta sitten
  • i rili rili rili rili rili rili lajk u

    KubusKubus8 kuukautta sitten
  • I find anything over a 300 is harder to ride up the bush, My Honda xr250r was easy af to ride up the bush. It could go slow and have closer gears but my KTM 450exc is faster and has taller gears so riding up the bush is harder

    Sassy SasquatchSassy Sasquatch9 kuukautta sitten
  • I still don’t know the exact difference between a 450 exc-f and a 500 exc-f only the displacement size and the fact that the 450 revs faster and can achieve more rpms. I am still doubting between these two bikes, what do you guys recommend 450 or 500. Your advice is much appreciated.

    D TriD Tri9 kuukautta sitten
    • I'm deciding the same thing and it really does seem that it's just the power delivery that matters and some people saying rotating mass makes the 500 feel heavier, despite being almost identical in weight. I want a supermoto I can swap tires on and do trails so I'm thinking 450 for me, but the 500 would be better for my short supermoto commute. I guess it's a good problem to have but the choice is just not clear to me. Some of the new KTM 450s are claimed 60+ horsepower...I think they may actually have more horsepower than the 500, but just a narrower powerband. Did you buy one of these?

      Justin KaseJustin Kase5 kuukautta sitten
  • Great video and great riding ! Which KTM for a 187cm / 95 kg guy just for fun ? Maybe some friendly competition will happen in the future but for now just fun riding. Thinking of 450 EXC-F, maybe even 500 EXC-F - they come restricted from the factory anyway... My local dealer recommends 300 TPI instead but I am not that of a fan of the 2-stroke sound, is the EXC-F more quiet? It has a lower tone already. Not that I do not like engine soundbut the local forest rangers get easily attracted by noisy motors and I do not want trouble with them... Also is the 300 TPI still having this "tuned pipe" power kicking-in once it gets to resonance rpms ? I prefer more low end power and more steady power curves. More interested in rapid throttle response than top power.. Cheers :-)

    Statek63Statek639 kuukautta sitten
    • You have great places for riding too, subscribed !

      Statek63Statek639 kuukautta sitten
  • So awesome and funny as hell! 🤣🤣💪🔥

    Gabe DSGabe DS10 kuukautta sitten
  • Bisa minta nomor yang bisa di hubungi.. Saya dari indonesia

    Gembul NoppGembul Nopp10 kuukautta sitten
  • Great vid thanks🤙👈👉 450 it is

    Mavrick500Mavrick50010 kuukautta sitten
  • Im in a toss up between Beta, Ktm or Husky fiboth.info/like/videot/hHaMdH_FudTbg48

    T PT PVuosi sitten
  • 350?

    Erick ReaErick ReaVuosi sitten
  • The drag race wasn't very fair - you can see the 450 rider sat well forward and didn't wheelie any of the way. Whereas the 500 rider sat well back and was fighting a wheelie the whole way.

    Graeme SYDNEYGraeme SYDNEYVuosi sitten
  • Niceeeeeee Ktm

    JAVA XavierJAVA XavierVuosi sitten
  • You ride the 250 at 07:04 like a 2t. In real life it wont last too long.

    Eddi NiceEddi NiceVuosi sitten
    • Eddi Nice hi, why do you think so?

      JohnJohn10 kuukautta sitten
  • You ride the 250 at 07:04 like a 2t. In real life it wont last too long.

    Eddi NiceEddi NiceVuosi sitten
    • Аз имам чувството че го кара само на втора.

      daniel kolarovdaniel kolarov3 kuukautta sitten
  • What was that at 6:53?

    Eddi NiceEddi NiceVuosi sitten
  • What was that at 6:53?

    Eddi NiceEddi NiceVuosi sitten
  • Can't wait to pick up my 500 XCF-W!!!

    PurgePurgeVuosi sitten
  • Cheers from Canada, fucking love your reviews. You guys rock it all day long. Can't wait to watch your vids the quality is the best on utube !!

    The Dirty BirchThe Dirty BirchVuosi sitten
  • Nice team

    a nge kaunga nge kaungVuosi sitten
  • need the 350

    Joseph CassoneJoseph CassoneVuosi sitten
  • Onko kellään käyny ku keulii niin tankin korkissa on se ilmareikä niin sieltä tulee bensaa suoraan lärviin juuri silloin ku ei pidä laseja naamalla vaan kaulassa

    Juhana LiesjärviJuhana LiesjärviVuosi sitten
  • مين مش فاهم حاجه

    ابو عمر عمرابو عمر عمرVuosi sitten
  • C'est la classe, avec des prises de vue superbes

    LaurennLaurennVuosi sitten
  • Onks toi teijjä rakentama rata vai ihan yleinen

    teimo puismateimo puismaVuosi sitten
  • My BIG boss 500 it's absolute beast! :)

    Seba 211Seba 211Vuosi sitten
  • Ktm Exc 2020??

    caio Fassini De souzacaio Fassini De souzaVuosi sitten
  • Sou brasileiro (brazil) Im love you

    caio Fassini De souzacaio Fassini De souzaVuosi sitten
  • four stroke ? Kiddi-bike? Why? to slow, sound is bad -.-

    TexTexVuosi sitten
    • Tex bad ass I think you mean and to slow maybe that’s just your riding 🤔

      Sam AbreySam AbreyVuosi sitten
  • very nice ride..! ,congrats to all ...!

    john karelasjohn karelasVuosi sitten
  • You got to ride them all, SO NICE!! I wish I had one of each, lol. I like the 500s, good enduro bike and also good on singletrack(torque usually equals less tire spin), sumo, 500 for me. When I go to the dunes with my buddies, their 450 ktms and yz450s school me, I'd love to race up the hill on a 350xcf vs the 450s, I wounder if it would be closer. When I ride my buddies yz450fs, wow 2014 plus have lots of power and are smooth, need more speed, just twist. your cut at 11:30 for 1 1/2 minutes made me smile, out ripping with friends is always epic, that trail looked fast and flowy too!!!

    Brad LuBrad LuVuosi sitten
  • 😍

    Adrian MoratallaAdrian MoratallaVuosi sitten
  • Watch this and check your ktm!! dont ride ktm untill fix this problem its starts ktm exc from 16-19 years models maybe 2020model are same issue thats ktm defect !!! fiboth.info/like/videot/sKSaipfGntmshYc

    Artis GrietensArtis GrietensVuosi sitten
  • get off my lawn, you moto-freaks!

    sadigovsadigovVuosi sitten
  • I got a 2018 350 Xc-f. Amazing bike. Ide like to try the 500 And feel the difference.

    Farhad AziziFarhad AziziVuosi sitten
    • Massive difference lol

      Jon HendersonJon HendersonVuosi sitten
  • What camera are you using? It’s so stable

    Farhad AziziFarhad AziziVuosi sitten
  • Can you do the video were they do supermoto 450. Voitteko tehdä videon missä teette 450 supermoton.

    Eelis MeronenEelis MeronenVuosi sitten
  • Big Boss is the best! :D

    Aleksi RinneAleksi RinneVuosi sitten
  • Please do a wheelie test with the 150 250 and 300 2 stroks

    Eytan ShimonEytan ShimonVuosi sitten
    • No need 300 is the best

      Stunt Freaks TeamStunt Freaks TeamVuosi sitten
  • ok u know how to drive.

    MrMassive321MrMassive321Vuosi sitten
  • 4 -stroke sucks....hard !!!

    Mattias AnderssonMattias AnderssonVuosi sitten
  • Y’all should do video about how to wheelie or endo or anything stunts

    hobitti biTTI ._____.hobitti biTTI ._____.Vuosi sitten
    • Just ride and you will learn with in time! : D I bought ktm exc 125 with 150sx engine and it was a fucking beast. Just got touch with the power and how it handles etc and just rode it! Then u learn automatically to wheelie and endo if u have balls.

      Team VakioTeam VakioVuosi sitten
  • So easy bike

    alex royalex royVuosi sitten
  • 4 stroke.. Baaa ses ca beuuuu..

    Maxime DesrosiersMaxime DesrosiersVuosi sitten
    • J'aime mieux les 2 temps mes ca reste des machine de fou sais 3 bike

      Maxime DesrosiersMaxime DesrosiersVuosi sitten
  • What about the 350?.... nice video anyway:)

    HardcoreWeeabooHardcoreWeeabooVuosi sitten
  • Ootte geula guskeja

    promoi mamamiapromoi mamamiaVuosi sitten
  • Biggest stunts ever ride along a way and doing some bad wheelies

    Niklas EberhartNiklas EberhartVuosi sitten
  • 300cc would be perfect, if KTM made one

    gophopgophopVuosi sitten
    • @Stunt Freaks Team I know. I've passed on the 350 in favor of a 250. But a little more grunt right at the bottom would be nice.

      gophopgophopVuosi sitten
    • Ktm has 350. It’s near perfect

      Stunt Freaks TeamStunt Freaks TeamVuosi sitten
  • More KTM 500 vlogs would be good

    dank geneticsdank geneticsVuosi sitten
  • Labs

    Ivars MatisonsIvars MatisonsVuosi sitten
  • Like for the wheelies

    KAT MVlogKAT MVlogVuosi sitten
  • Want the 500 as dual sport but it’s so expensive

    Jack ZJack ZVuosi sitten
  • 4 stroke :S

    HeNkAHeNkAVuosi sitten
  • People:How many bike you have? Sft guys: yes

    VeskutinnVeskutinnVuosi sitten
  • Which would u say was the most snappy

    Shrek HeroShrek HeroVuosi sitten
    • Stunt Freaks Team have they had any aftermarket parts put on or are they all stock

      Shrek HeroShrek HeroVuosi sitten
    • 450

      Stunt Freaks TeamStunt Freaks TeamVuosi sitten
  • Well that’s handy.my 450 turned up 2 days ago and i’m the happiest guy alive.What a machine!!!!!!!

    PrivateRustyPrivateRustyVuosi sitten
    • That is awesome bike!

      Stunt Freaks TeamStunt Freaks TeamVuosi sitten
  • Very good location paten👍👍👍👍

    Samuel JuniorSamuel JuniorVuosi sitten
  • I'm gagging to see what you guys can conjure up on some trials bikes. Really interesting 2t / 4t perspectives, cheers.

    Mark OliverMark OliverVuosi sitten
  • you were lovin that 500!

    burner2552burner2552Vuosi sitten
  • Onko kotarit omia vai lainassa

    Kalle SoukkioKalle SoukkioVuosi sitten
  • Footage in this video was EPIC!!!!! My knuckles are hurting after watching..

    ʜ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ɴ̲̅ᴋ̲̅ ʙ̲̅ɪ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴏ̲̅5̲̅ʜ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ɴ̲̅ᴋ̲̅ ʙ̲̅ɪ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴏ̲̅5̲̅Vuosi sitten
  • It all depends on where and how you ride, a good rider is fast on any bike.

    GazzoreGazzoreVuosi sitten
  • 4 strokes so easy to ride but so much fun too. Regular gas and ride all day. But the 250, to small of a bike for me. I been a 500 guy for years, except I ride 2 stroke 😁

    austind191austind191Vuosi sitten
    • If you buy a 250, go for the 2 stroke 100%. I have ridden all from 125cc to 500cc and the best bike for me that rides enduro is the 250 2 stroke. I've had a 300 before and my new 250 feels almost the same in power, but it is much lighter. Much lighter to turn and everything, 250 is the most fun I've ever had on a dirtbike. If you ride enduro the 500 is way too powerful and heavy

      SirBlankSirBlankVuosi sitten
  • What a sick awesome terrain to test those bikes!!🤩

    ZwiepmotoZwiepmotoVuosi sitten
  • I'd choose the 250 snappier and lighter

    LeviLeviVuosi sitten
  • What about the 2strokes for supermoto conversion? Is it stupid to chose a 300 2t instead of 450 for supermoto use?

    Nils LindgrenNils LindgrenVuosi sitten
    • 2 strokes ftw

      Nico van DuinNico van DuinVuosi sitten
    • @Stunt Freaks Team 👍

      Nils LindgrenNils LindgrenVuosi sitten
    • We think yes but people can do what they like.

      Stunt Freaks TeamStunt Freaks TeamVuosi sitten
  • Tehkää limbo kisa mopoilla/moottoripyörillä

    Konsta PuhakkaKonsta PuhakkaVuosi sitten
  • Bruh, These are some mad wheelies

    Jakub PuhlmannJakub PuhlmannVuosi sitten
  • Can you do monkey or pv wheelie and stunting videos? Voitteko tehä monkey tai pv keulimis ja stuntti videoita?

    SikaSikaVuosi sitten
  • 250 goes only 60kmh? Isnt that too low?

    Samuel BritanSamuel BritanVuosi sitten
    • @Joe Cooper yes and its litle harder to whelie on 5 wide open other gears are okey but 5 its kind a hard to pull

      DR.KATANADR.KATANAVuosi sitten
    • DR.KATANA have you ever ridden a 250

      Joe CooperJoe CooperVuosi sitten
    • @Stunt Freaks Team ı have a yz 80 race bike its have 6 gears and it can whelie in every gear ı just open the gas and its wheelie so that means its can whelie on 80 90 kmh some like that its faster funner and better than 250😎

      DR.KATANADR.KATANAVuosi sitten
    • No it goes faster but that is the max speed when you can get the front wheel up easy

      Stunt Freaks TeamStunt Freaks TeamVuosi sitten
  • Very nice video! More from this! :)

    Jonas DittmerJonas DittmerVuosi sitten
  • That 450 was rough and ready 😍

    Baby BicepBaby BicepVuosi sitten
  • 250 seems “snappier” where the 450 and 500 you can tell their heavy

    Cody MCody MVuosi sitten
    • @Deden Clips Depends on how you ride etc etc. Still, the 250 4 stoke is in the same class in enduro as 125. If you buy a 250, buy the 2 stroke because it has alot more power and is alot more fun. I tested Husqvarnas motorcycles, all from 150cc-500cc and the best bike there was the 250 2 stroke, they feel really light and feels the same in power as the 300

      SirBlankSirBlankVuosi sitten
    • @SirBlank 250 4strk vs 125 2strk = win 250 4strk

      Deden ClipsDeden ClipsVuosi sitten
    • On my Yz250f compared to my friends yz450f the power in the bottom end seems almost the same the 250 is very torqy but easy to handle in the trails and easy to go fast on but the 450 seems to strive in the mid to top end you can feel a huge difference the 450 always wants to come up or throw you off the backs

      Matt BMatt BVuosi sitten
    • 250 4 stroke is like a 125cc, same power. 250 2 stroke is like a 300, the 2 stroke is so much better! 250 4 stroke is in the same class as 125 in enduro

      SirBlankSirBlankVuosi sitten
    • @IxM yep. Rotating mass makes them feel heavier

      JWJWVuosi sitten
  • КТМушка - рулит!

    Владимир ПесоцкийВладимир ПесоцкийVuosi sitten
  • Change the video on home page at youtube front page. Vaihtakkee se viteo siellä tuubin etteisessä

    Mary JaneMary JaneVuosi sitten
  • According to KTM the weight difference between the 450 and 500 is 500g, the 250 is only 2,5kg lighter than the 500, so with 3l less fuel in the 500 the weight would be about the same. I guess the power makes them feel heavier than they actually are? How did the 300 2T compare to the 450 and 500 in power?

    • They feel heavier because of more rotating mass

      JWJWVuosi sitten
    • it's funny because a 450 always looked very heavy and hard to ride but when I got to ride one for the first time I realised they're actually pretty light and easy to throw around. not that much heavier than a 125.

      jawijawiVuosi sitten
  • According to KTMs webpage. The 500 and 450 weighs the same

    cfgvdcfgvdVuosi sitten
    • @JW I know. Thank you. But the weight of the bike is the same

      cfgvdcfgvdVuosi sitten
    • @cfgvd It feels heavier because of the rotating mass. Makes it harder to ride

      JWJWVuosi sitten
    • @Aleksej Borovinskij yes I know. But they said it was heavier in the video :D

      cfgvdcfgvdVuosi sitten
    • it's all about feeling! not weight.

      Aleksej BorovinskijAleksej BorovinskijVuosi sitten
  • I don't know if you already have made a video about it but could you make a video about the yamaha wr125x?

    ErriLejErriLejVuosi sitten
    • Go buy fucking husqvarna sm 125 2 stroke if u dont have enough money for ktm. If u have money for ktm exc 125 go for it! If u dont buy husq! If u want 4-stroke then go with ktm duke! Good bike to do endos!

      Team VakioTeam VakioVuosi sitten
    • @ErriLej Du blandar bensin, ha en egen dunk du fyller upp och blandar med. Ska du köpa 125 skulle jag rekommendera 2 takt, 4 takt är riktigt slö men om du kopplingkickar en 2 takt så kommer du iväg ganska snabbt. KTM 125 XC-W/EX-C tror jag skulle vara bäst

      SirBlankSirBlankVuosi sitten
    • @ErriLej yamaha dt 125 är ju bra

      scyra99scyra99Vuosi sitten
    • @scyra99 igentligen, men just aprilia är rätt så praktiska för att vara tvåtakt, därför jag från början var intresserad av wr 125

      ErriLejErriLejVuosi sitten
    • @ErriLej njaa om du vill ha en praktisk så ska du väll inte köpa 2 takt :P

      scyra99scyra99Vuosi sitten
  • Looks like you wnt faster with the 4strokes.

    cfgvdcfgvdVuosi sitten
  • Next video. 125 2stroke. 250 2stroke. 500 2stroke and last 700! 2stroke. 2stroke is life,

    skateskateVuosi sitten
  • Thanks I wasn't sure between 450 and 500 exc

    RstarRstarVuosi sitten
    • @Adriano Celentano It seems the difference is just the power DELIVERY. I think they are close on overall power but the 500 is a lower revving torque monster. Probably better in a straight line or sweeping turns, but not as agile or responsive. Some people do like low RPM torque, even off-road. It's up to the rider. I'm not sure that the 500 even wind PEAK HP, but it will probably have a broader power curve.

      Justin KaseJustin Kase5 kuukautta sitten
    • @Adriano Celentano I wanted something snappy and powerfull for enduro, 450 is more adapted

      RstarRstar9 kuukautta sitten
    • @Rstar Why? Can you explain. I also can’t decide between 450 and 500. I am from Russia, I don’t have time to translate this video. I would be grateful if you help me with the choice.

      Adriano CelentanoAdriano Celentano9 kuukautta sitten
    • @Rstar Nice 💪

      Team VakioTeam VakioVuosi sitten
    • @Team Vakio 450

      RstarRstarVuosi sitten
  • do test ride whit can am outlander

    orahgeli *orahgeli *Vuosi sitten
  • Miks videoita englanniks tehkää jotain suomeks

    pelaaja 17pelaaja 17Vuosi sitten
    • Opettele englantii

      DRD 144DRD 144Vuosi sitten
    • että muutki voi kattoo

      Konsta RissanenKonsta RissanenVuosi sitten
    • älä lintsaa niiltä alakoulun englannin tunneilta

      MySpeedmetalMySpeedmetalVuosi sitten
  • Beautiful 👏😍 motorcycles

  • That scenery @8mins+ is epic... looks so crisp.

    Relative TruthRelative TruthVuosi sitten
  • 🙋

    KIRANAKIRANAVuosi sitten
  • KTM ♡👍♡ 👱✌

    sarahsarazinesarahsarazineVuosi sitten
  • Fuck I want that 250 sooo bad!

    DJ.SauerkrautDJ.SauerkrautVuosi sitten
  • But it's 2019??? Hmmm 🧐🧐

    Nikke MNikke MVuosi sitten
    • xD i understand what you mean but the 2020 models comes out earlier! Google it up:)

      HardcoreWeeabooHardcoreWeeabooVuosi sitten
  • Maybe exc 500 vs sx 250 ???

    TotalnyTotalnyVuosi sitten
    • @Z1000 Power Lifter and where is fair game ? exc 500 has about 50+ hp sx 250 has about 55 hp

      TotalnyTotalnyVuosi sitten
  • привет из wipuri)))

    Макс МаксМакс МаксVuosi sitten