KTM 2020 Enduro - Better than before?

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Is the KTM 300 EXC TPI faster than the 250 EXC TPI? How does the new 150 XCW TPI feel? Here's my test video of the new 2020 KTM Enduro line.
Featuring 150XCW TPI, 250 EXC TPI, 300 EXC TPI and 250 EXC-F, 450 EXC-F and 500 EXC-F.
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Big thanks to StuntFreaksTeam for inviting me!
Go check out their videos from the test days.
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Video from KTM's channel:

  • This review is so good! Kiitos Kuopiosta.

    EnduroatteEnduroatte16 päivää sitten
  • so 250 over 300? thanks

    Edwin SotoEdwin SotoUukausi sitten
  • thanks bro :)

    Jacopo PiscinaJacopo Piscina2 kuukautta sitten
  • Fuck, I am crying because i dont have money to buy this such beautiful bike.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Martin MartinMartin Martin2 kuukautta sitten
  • Missä noin komiaa "sähkölinjan" pätkää on? :) Tommosta oon ettiny. Jos ei tähän voi vastaa, niin laita ccahonen@gmail.com.

    Christian AhonenChristian Ahonen5 kuukautta sitten
  • great video ,thank You , my thought more ride , less thinking about change motocycle , more fun . Im owner of fe 350 2015 .but videos of compare bikes awsome . greatings

    PrzemekCRFPrzemekCRF5 kuukautta sitten
  • So which are the best enduro tyres ?

    xaero18xaero186 kuukautta sitten
  • does the 150 tpi get registered as A1 or A2?

    Nitro_MainNitro_Main6 kuukautta sitten
  • Beta are about exactly the same in price as KTM🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ the beta 350 rr-s is 10,599$ and the Ktm 350 10,999$.....

    ablaze3717ablaze37177 kuukautta sitten
  • You have done a great job with this review, honest opinions and good information. A lot of the other reviews especially from the magazines are weak without negatives added. Thanks.

    Steve Stuart-smithSteve Stuart-smith7 kuukautta sitten
  • Meh. Im completely over spending 10K on a new bike and settup. Im a trail rider I dont need all this FI et etc etc etc. I found a cherry used 200 and it likes to go fast.

    brad sandersbrad sanders8 kuukautta sitten
  • YZ 250x for Me

    Stanley KaniaStanley Kania8 kuukautta sitten
  • No kick start? No thanks.

    Andy JonesAndy Jones9 kuukautta sitten
  • Please remove this video , this is way too tempting..

    Hendi KafHendi Kaf9 kuukautta sitten
  • Aw, no 350 EXC-F :( I'm leaning away from the 450 for the same reasons you recommended the 500 over it, but I'm hoping the 350 will have more of the same ridabiity as the 250.

    Daniel GDaniel G10 kuukautta sitten
  • what country is this ? poland or czech republic ?

    tom cernotatom cernota10 kuukautta sitten
    • Finland ?

      Statek63Statek639 kuukautta sitten
  • How.come the 500exct doesn't have the mp sticker on the forks

    ktm 500 6 daysktm 500 6 days10 kuukautta sitten
    • I ment wp sticker on the forks

      ktm 500 6 daysktm 500 6 days10 kuukautta sitten
  • Is the 500 good for the trails. And sand?

    A.K Q8A.K Q811 kuukautta sitten
  • Every time I wanted to buy a dirt bike and checked with a dealer, they seem to try cheating me so I just never buy one.

    Good boy RingoGood boy Ringo11 kuukautta sitten
  • Im in a toss up between Beta and KTM fiboth.info/like/videot/hHaMdH_FudTbg48

    T PT PVuosi sitten
  • Can the 500 ride a motocross track? To jump? And the 690 enduro?

    Matt PerryMatt PerryVuosi sitten
  • 06:55 - rebound needs clockwise clicks! But these are tryout bikes so, it makes sense.

    Eddi NiceEddi NiceVuosi sitten
  • Aren’t the 300 15’s and 16’s all around better? I always read about guys blowing their financial wad on MODs when they buy a new bike.

    slagletobyslagletobyVuosi sitten
  • Graphics on the Six Days 2016 are the best. And the 2020 orange looks too redish.

    Estuardo MoranEstuardo MoranVuosi sitten
    • Totally agree with you. Like Honda's 😂

      Aleksi RinneAleksi RinneVuosi sitten
  • 2017 250 xcw the best

    Juan MunozJuan MunozVuosi sitten
  • One of the better reviews I've seen. Thanks for the content 👍

    Boston DyeBoston DyeVuosi sitten
  • Completely agree, the 2016 is much more nice looking

    Mats H IMats H IVuosi sitten
  • Holy fuck all that swamp ass

    Enduro riderEnduro riderVuosi sitten
  • Es ist wahr und es ist nicht lange her. Ich komme aus der Slowakei und vor nicht allzu langer Zeit konnten wir hier reiten, aber es ist vorbei

    Lubomír ŽivickýLubomír ŽivickýVuosi sitten
  • Minäkin ostin yli neljänkymmenen vuoden tauon jälkeen enduron, KTM 500:n ja kyllä on mukava nähdä, että joku pääsee silläkin metsässä joutuisasti;)

    Jukka LiljaJukka LiljaVuosi sitten
  • pekne video! Wo in der Europäischen Union kann man mit einem Enduro-Motorrad noch so gut durch den Wald fahren, dass man nicht als Mörder eingestuft wird.

    Lubomír ŽivickýLubomír ŽivickýVuosi sitten
    • Ich denke, nur Rumänien geblieben

      Justyn KolpowskiJustyn KolpowskiVuosi sitten
  • Pena que eu moro num pais de terceiro mundo e nunca vou poder ter acesso a motos como estas

    oto Hortaoto HortaVuosi sitten
  • 😶😍😍😍😍

    Anton RohmadAnton RohmadVuosi sitten
  • Oho Suomi :0

    Kanivaraanin veljen kadonneet kultakutritKanivaraanin veljen kadonneet kultakutritVuosi sitten
  • Great video I like the honest take. Which brand is the best bang and quality for buck between 125-200cc 2T? Beta which was also mentioned as a good option in the video?

    sampsalolsampsalolVuosi sitten
  • a 2 stroke 500 cc cross-omologated such as old Honda cr 500 when will be made?

    lupin281lupin281Vuosi sitten
  • I just bought the 150 last week. I love this bike, I've taken it to all the parks & trails thought were tough with my old bike and this thing is amazing.

    TheStackingNerdTheStackingNerdVuosi sitten
    • @TheStackingNerd I'm actually riding a KTM 350 F (4 strokes). Feels very heavy to me (I'm very skinny). And yeah, I'm realy intrested in moving to a KTM 150 TPI 2021, but there is not much to read about it yet, that's why I'd like to hear your opinion. People just say that doesn't get to rev till infinite as a 125 with carburetor. Tell me how do you feel with it!!! Thanks very much.

      RolanRockRolanRockUukausi sitten
    • @RolanRock I was riding a DRZ 400. Have you considered a 2 stroke? They’re soo much lighter and more nimble for tight trails. You wouldn’t sacrifice power if you got a 300 or 250.

      TheStackingNerdTheStackingNerdUukausi sitten
    • What model were you riding before the 150? I'm about to buy one just because my 350 f feels very heavy to me. Like to hear about your thoughts changing from more power to less power but handyer (if thats the case). Thank you!

      RolanRockRolanRockUukausi sitten
  • 3:38 - I, as well as many agree with you...

    Tim HeslinTim HeslinVuosi sitten
  • Genial

    Ramiro Gutierrez VenturaRamiro Gutierrez VenturaVuosi sitten
  • Better then before😂😂😂😂😂on the price for sure!!!!

    Jason Christine CharestJason Christine CharestVuosi sitten
  • My nutsak always get pinched or banged on the seat and tank...what do ya recommend to do?

    Rich KingRich KingVuosi sitten
    • @Playwme Bawls 😂

      Rich KingRich KingVuosi sitten
    • If they’re hungry enough, they’ll find a way.

      Playwme BawlsPlaywme BawlsVuosi sitten
    • @Playwme Bawls but then the birds dont get fed

      Rich KingRich KingVuosi sitten
    • Rich King , wear pants.

      Playwme BawlsPlaywme BawlsVuosi sitten
  • It needed to be crap suspension

    carl selbycarl selbyVuosi sitten
  • 2 stroke would be a toss up with the 150 or 250 KTM is #1 in R&D Quality/Engineering!

    Mec AlpshaMec AlpshaVuosi sitten
  • 450/500 models have always had fans as standard. The last 3 generations have had them at least

    James MarchantJames MarchantVuosi sitten
  • 2016 look is much better. New one looks like a Chinese bike trying too hard

    Ralph MoehrkeRalph MoehrkeVuosi sitten
  • taking out kick starters on dirt bikes is the worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas. What if your battery goes out and there aren't any hills to push it up for a clutch pop?

    CJ CampbellCJ CampbellVuosi sitten
  • Brilliant video mate.

    canisfortiscanisfortisVuosi sitten
  • Sometimes goes upside down lol

    Alex GrayAlex GrayVuosi sitten
  • Гарний мотоцикл та і компанія в цілому рівних вам немає ви лідер в світі номер 1. Шкода що я не можу собі дозволити його.

    Vyacheslav PodaVyacheslav PodaVuosi sitten
  • KTM's has ugly graphic. I liked Sherco's, Tm's, or Beta's better !

    Joseph PistoneJoseph PistoneVuosi sitten
  • They made big improvements in the plastics. Much more durable and better design with bolts being easier to access. The color though I'm not a fan of. I like white and orange.

    Eric WEric WVuosi sitten
  • Front fork cartridge is terrible and very cheap design , very unstable fork and a backwards step , bikes 10 years ago were better ! Shock design is good but built again to a cheap price and poor setting , both can be made good but at a cost . TPi 2 stroke is still very average and never performs as good as carb - try a well set up Gas Gas or Sherco motor - you will then understand what is good and predictable power - TPi adds weight , complexity and makes for more potential problems and higher running cost because needs tank filters , oil pump replacement etc - if you need fuel economy buy a smart carb for any carb bike - it will be more reliable and more simple or convert your TPi back to a carb - it will be way better . KTM 4 strokes are the best , only cheap suspension spoils them , but nothing on the market is as reliable or runs as good .

    JULIAN StevensJULIAN StevensVuosi sitten
  • The new subframe is prone to bending and the new plastics may be fun to install at home. Out in the woods its a PITA and only puzzle fans will like them. No kickstart on a smoker...well at least the starter is reliable.

    steve da mansteve da manVuosi sitten
    • no kickstart is due to a rule in wess and enduro gp which says only one starting method may be installed on a bike

      bjorn wismanbjorn wismanVuosi sitten
  • Bought the 2020 ktm 500 6 days. Can’t wait to get it. Looks sweet. Can’t say I’ll be good at driving it but it looks cool! Nice riding

    Joseph PruchaJoseph PruchaVuosi sitten
  • Top video! Like !

    Видеопортал Спортбайкера SPEEDRAPTOR2013Видеопортал Спортбайкера SPEEDRAPTOR2013Vuosi sitten
  • Great Video! great info on all the bikes,thanks.

    tmlponytmlponyVuosi sitten
    • Awesome to hear that!

      Aleksi RinneAleksi RinneVuosi sitten
  • Non of this can't beat Honda crf

    r hhhr hhhVuosi sitten
  • 450/500 for dual sport? He he he...lol.... Yeah, watch the 4 of us take our 450/500 cc bikes in the most harsh riding in the world...fiboth.info/like/videot/lnuXemq0tbSmeIs

    Dagster BlasterDagster BlasterVuosi sitten
  • Great review ,d

    dnrg62dnrg62Vuosi sitten
  • Great review! Honest and relevant to most of us who are not super stars (for a change) good job!

    BritishshooterBritishshooterVuosi sitten
  • U Can put Kickstarter on bike anytime , there is just plug in there to reduce weight

    Ke vinKe vinVuosi sitten
  • Con un dt 175 lo destrozo

    fer sabellafer sabellaVuosi sitten
  • infonesia 💕

    edot_115 TMedot_115 TMVuosi sitten
  • Quality parts as always KTM

    James StewartJames StewartVuosi sitten
  • Honestly, great review man thank you very much. Every KTM review we find in youtube are really sloppy, thanks!

    Like My BikeLike My BikeVuosi sitten
  • Beta Is the top

    Strimpellatore AnonimoStrimpellatore AnonimoVuosi sitten
  • their batteries are just, no other word for it, pure shit. cheers mentioning the kickstart at least as in a negative way. unlike 95% of all the other ktm shills saying anything for a free sticker.

    Me 2Me 2Vuosi sitten
    • Excatly where is the kick starter ? Can't you still order one on the 300 XC ?

      Jerry seeleyJerry seeleyVuosi sitten
  • KTMs are a great bike but they are seriously lacking the bling that they used to have. Sherco Factory have the bling and the best looking dirt bike out there . KTM, take note of what Sherco are doing with their looks because you need to pay some attention to the looks of the bike.

    Bradley AustinBradley AustinVuosi sitten
  • Meu sonho🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Adriano Machado de andradeAdriano Machado de andradeVuosi sitten
  • Yeaaaah Slovakia design :D at least one reason to Google my country for enduro guys so You might know where it is :D

    Jakub HabranJakub HabranVuosi sitten
    • přesně :D

      Radek TkačíkRadek TkačíkVuosi sitten
  • His comment about the tires and the front ends always washing out is correct, however my suspension guy said KTM doesn't balance the bike very well. I have a 2017 150 XC W. He lowered the rear by 3/4 of an inch to improve the rake, however with the stock tire I was always washing out. I have been riding with the Shinko Fat tyre now for about 18 months and problem solved. I haven't washed out since. I also went to tubeless at the same time and only run 9 to 10 lbs up front which eats the tire a little faster but all in all no more washing out. He is right the bike is unstable at speed or after landing. My friends put on a stabilizer but I just hate the thought of spending $500 more on this bike. I already went with high compression head, and lowered the cylinder all the way down to get more compression and low end. It worked but lost a lot of 3rd gear and this 150 is already a lot of work changing gears. Dropped just one tooth on the rear sprocket and believe it or not it made a big difference, and I can stay in 3rd most of day on tight trails, even in hill climbs. I can't believe they got rid of the kick start. My starter has not worked for 4 months and I have one on back order will be here soon, but it hasn't bothered me as it kicks over with one kick and very little effort. Suspension on this bike has always been to soft and if get into 4 or more whoops in a row you can start bouncing like a pogo stick and lose control at speed quite easily. I am getting older anyway and now take the bumps a bit slower. I have enough torque now with my setup that I can throttle thru them and jump 2 whoops at a time. I don't carry the speed over whoops anymore because of the soft suspension. I used to own a 06 KX250F and I loved its stock suspension on the whoops. If I keep this bike longer I may have to find more of a motocross suspension like the KX I had. I like the idea of two stroke TPI though. Tired of pre-mix and the mess. But honestly I keep hearing about the 250 4 stroke or even the 350 and may switch up.

    PatrickPatrickVuosi sitten
  • Well lap times are close , but what would they look like in tighter woods, or single track ?

    thomastjg53thomastjg53Vuosi sitten
    • Aleksi Rinne ok that suck. If you do get to ride them again please post. Thanks

      thomastjg53thomastjg53Vuosi sitten
    • @thomastjg53 I don't have any of these bikes accessible anymore. :/

      Aleksi RinneAleksi RinneVuosi sitten
    • Why , you can’t fine any single track ? You said your going to test them more. Good lnfo. Like the video.

      thomastjg53thomastjg53Vuosi sitten
    • True! I guess we'll never know 😉

      Aleksi RinneAleksi RinneVuosi sitten
  • Sorry but the best looking graphics ever is the 2020 sixdays Portugal...

    BastosBastosVuosi sitten
    • @commandante hodgson yes it is. Because i am a portuguese hehehhe.

      BastosBastosVuosi sitten
  • I agree with the comment you made about the kick starter.

    John FisherJohn FisherVuosi sitten

    SimonSimonVuosi sitten
  • I think the 2020 ktm and beta models are the best looking dirtbikes ever made. Aleksi, you tried both. Could you help me decide between both with a honest comparison?

    DProjectoDProjectoVuosi sitten
    • I haven't tried the new 2020 Beta. Sorry. 😞

      Aleksi RinneAleksi RinneVuosi sitten
  • Great video Those 500’s are always the cream of the crop

    sumporfuksumporfukVuosi sitten
  • Couldn't imagine a 2 stroke without a kickstart think they do allow for aftermarket kits fortunately

    COJACKCOJACKVuosi sitten
  • Гарнюній.

    Олег МиколайовичОлег МиколайовичVuosi sitten
  • Great bike tests when you include comparison lap times at the end. Thanks! (*no planets were hurt in the making of this video) :-)

    Adam BensonAdam BensonVuosi sitten
  • 2 stroke oil cap reminds me the pw50 oil system. sad that a modern bike still can't do that right.

    white8785white8785Vuosi sitten
  • Very good and precise video, thumbs up for that Quality 👌🔥

    Liam hkyLiam hkyVuosi sitten
  • Yeeeeah I don't like the new design too! It's too much black in the front, looking not that good in my eyes ✌️

    Liam hkyLiam hkyVuosi sitten
  • Watch this and check your ktm!! dont ride ktm untill fix this problem its starts ktm exc from 16-19 years models maybe 2020model are same issue thats ktm defect !!! fiboth.info/like/videot/sKSaipfGntmshYc

    Artis GrietensArtis GrietensVuosi sitten
  • I think they need to keep it simple, maybe all the computers and fuel injection keep for the street bikes, my god we are talking about dirt bikes correct?

    James PoluchaJames PoluchaVuosi sitten
    • The bikes have these for fuel efficiency and to meet emissions standards, there will be no 2 strokes released if these measures are not used. Same as the 4 stroke injected bikes being far superior to the carby bikes

      Td42 WilliamsTd42 WilliamsVuosi sitten
  • Enduro? 2 stroke ...

    Hans BertzHans BertzVuosi sitten
  • I loved my ktm’s and husky’s I had, but after picking up a 19’ gasgas I doubt I will be looking back at one for while

    Chris WilsonChris WilsonVuosi sitten
    • really lol

      tom cernotatom cernota10 kuukautta sitten
  • I fell asleep with that tone......zzzzzzzzzzzz......

    señorseñorVuosi sitten
  • The erzberg edition looks very cool but the normal design isn’t my cup of tee 😕

    Lukas AckermannLukas AckermannVuosi sitten
  • If I compared the 4 strokes to the 2 strokes they seem more twitchy and wobbly. 4T feel like more planted and smoother. Put 250 EXC-F and 250 TPI videos side by side and look the difference!

    ReneReneVuosi sitten
  • Das Video is total billig produziert so Verkauft man doch keine KTM 😍

    Mr.Uprock Inspiration #StudiosMr.Uprock Inspiration #StudiosVuosi sitten
  • Wow your driving skills are so crazy 😮

    Kiran GoudKiran GoudVuosi sitten
  • luv the 500 !!! and always pretty video to watch , keep going Aleksi

    Enduro DZEnduro DZVuosi sitten
  • 3:39 Slovakia gang 😂

    Adam SyrnýAdam SyrnýVuosi sitten
  • As always, great video! I own a 2018 250xc, non tpi bike. I intentionally didn't buy a tpi, and I couldn't be happier. I am at 98hrs - zero problems. In 2018, a carbureted 250 and a tpi 250 were not in the same class. The 2018 tpi bikes are soft, and that can be ok and good. I have a new 2019 450sx (12hrs) and yes, that bike demands your full attention in the woods. Awesome, but very demanding. Being able to own more than one bike adapting to the polarity of a 250 2t and a 450 4t is awesome and challenging. 2T for the knarly, 4T for the fast. Own, ride, and try to master both if you can!

    Luis ElenesLuis ElenesVuosi sitten
  • No new KTMs for me. Will not own an EFI bike. Too many potential problems.

    Doug FalstadDoug FalstadVuosi sitten
    • @Aleksi Rinne Just do a youtube search on "2T blow up" and there's enough videos of blown up carburetted 2T to watch until your retirement. ;-)

      Bearwood_EnduroBearwood_EnduroVuosi sitten
    • @Aleksi Rinne I guess you won´t be buying a TPI bike then? 😂 But for these 2020 bikes there has been som updates with another sensor so the TPI can work more exact, so we will eventually see if it was for the better. I´ve only been riding 4T since I started with enduro about 5 years ago, but now I´m into trying a 2T. Last time I had a 2T was some 20 years ago when I had YZ125 playing around with.

      Bearwood_EnduroBearwood_EnduroVuosi sitten
    • The skepticism is agreeable in this one. I know many new bikes with blown pistons because of EFI malfunction. The chances are small but it can happen. Earlier there was no cylinder changes in the middle of WESS races. Now there are. 😂

      Aleksi RinneAleksi RinneVuosi sitten
    • @Doug Falstad I'm quite sure that 99,5% that choose to buy a fuel injected dirtbike over a carburetted don't do it because of moral reasons over a claimed climate impact. A guy here one youtube has run 160 trouble free hours on his Husqvarna TE300i. A fuel injected engine runs an optimal fuel to air mixture in all conditions. What is the benefit with rich mixture? You only get more carbon build up in the cylinder head, exhaust and exhaust port and then the sparkplugs don't last long either. You also make less HP with a richer mixture if that is relevant to you.

      Bearwood_EnduroBearwood_EnduroVuosi sitten
    • Bearwood_Enduro part of my reason for not wanting a TPI or EFI bike is they are being built to solve a problem that doesn't exist. Human caused global warming. I will just ride my carbureted 300XC forever. At least the wheel was built for a good reason .

      Doug FalstadDoug FalstadVuosi sitten
  • You put a great review together 👍 KTM make good products, but they don't interest me at all as a company,. Your video is well thought out and really well presented. The best alternative to these bikes would be Sherco who include many extra features for less money. Their company is still family owned rather than a corporate giant that chews up other brands and steamrolls over the top.

    DangermouseDangermouseVuosi sitten
    • @red303dat Yes, that is true the Sherco '500' is a 488cc engine. It makes slightly more power and slightly less torque than the KTM 500. On the linkage, that's a great thing on any bike. You have a proper rising rate rear suspension system rather than the PDS that it still harsh in action after all these years. If your concern is about grounding out the linkage, there's any number of sump guards that have linkage protection built in. I'd far rather buy a Factory model Sherco with KYB suspension than a bike with WP and have to spend thousands to make it ride well. 6 speed transmission is proven on the Finke desert race and Dakar, no failures so. Services as per any other Enduro race bike. Each to their own, there's no bad bikes on the market these days.

      DangermouseDangermouseVuosi sitten
    • sherco don't make a true 500 and sherco is linkage rear, not sure about the 6 speed and service intervals but these were all factors in my decision

      red303datred303datVuosi sitten
  • i agree aleksi the 350 is the best model i have a 2019 and it works really well but shame on you said you only ride once a week ive been rding three times a week lately and im 70

    Ivan WilliamsIvan WilliamsVuosi sitten
    • One rider’s one day a week might add up to another rider’s 3 days a week.

      slagletobyslagletobyVuosi sitten
  • Man your rite those 2stroke sure were a shaky hand full..$12,000+..thats really a joke..and the oil cap ..c'mon man..

    Craig SteinmanCraig SteinmanVuosi sitten
    • They leave things so u have to spend to upgrade or routinely fix/maintain unnecessarily ..classless..even the yz250 x i own ..uses 3 shift forks in gear box instead of 1..i tore it up. At 150 hrs a yz/2st. trait since early 2000s..why dont they fix?.no reason there is no kx ..rm or cr for real competion..or no one would buy yz's..BULLSHIT MAN BULLSHIT..

      Craig SteinmanCraig SteinmanVuosi sitten
    • But that oil cap is a joke at this point you would think they would have fixed it! It’s been leaking since the first tpi

      Kirk RichterKirk RichterVuosi sitten
    • Still faster hah it’s crazy what a motor will do to the exact same bike in stability the constant torque and back pressure keep 4 strokes more planted but I have to much fun riding my 300 but still love a good ol 4 stroke why I have both! Definitely throw my leg over the 2 stroke more often

      Kirk RichterKirk RichterVuosi sitten
  • I dig Portugal SixDays edition. Standard models look wack carrots!!

    Jürgen RohtmetsJürgen RohtmetsVuosi sitten
    • i actually quite like the look of them

      bjorn wismanbjorn wismanVuosi sitten
    • Jürgen Rohtmets I know, still great bikes and I had one in the past. They are missing more sales by sticking to one color.

      Bruce CopnerBruce CopnerVuosi sitten
    • @Bruce Copner I guess it's one of those things that when you spend some time with those ugly ish' standard bikes, then you will slowly get used to the looks.

      Jürgen RohtmetsJürgen RohtmetsVuosi sitten
    • Ugly - right?

      Bruce CopnerBruce CopnerVuosi sitten