I Made 100 Players Escape An Impossible Maze!

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We made a huge impossible maze in Minecraft, and the first person to beat it wins the prize. Also Tommyinnit is in this so yeah, you'll wanna watch.
Huge shoutout to Tommyinnit for being in our video! Check him out here: fiboth.info/key/5p_l5ZeB_wGjO_yDXwiqvw.html
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  • Thanks to TommyInnit for being in today's video! Check out his channel! fiboth.info/key/5p_l5ZeB_wGjO_yDXwiqvw.html

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  • 2:44 Can’t wait for the tommy stans to harass jimmy for this

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  • Tommy said hell in the video and that's a bad word

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  • 5:40 is that dream?

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  • 3:23 Killer queen's in the players *mrbeast is officially a Jojo reference*

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  • Jimmy should actually say "Yes" instead of "Hard"

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  • I feel bad for the people who got soo far but then they troll them and put them back to the beginning

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