How flight attendants treat nice vs mean passengers #shorts

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  • Karen

    MacLaine WandlessMacLaine Wandless30 minuuttia sitten
  • first time i watched the end it was funny, second time it was even more funny

    D KD K32 minuuttia sitten
  • Some people can’t eat beef for religious reasons. Plus people pay hefty prices for tickets. Its not that much of a stretch to expect us to get what we pay for. I eat chicken but thats the only meat I eat. I cannot eat beef for religious reasons but i’d be nice and ask for a veg entree. If nothing, then i’d be upset.

    Boe JidenBoe JidenTunti sitten
  • How do I save?

    Ely ParEly ParTunti sitten
  • Karen itz cuz ur a karen who acts like they r first class but ur here sitting in economy, the world doesn't spin around you

    Announcer Speaker Box BfdiAnnouncer Speaker Box BfdiTunti sitten

    Ptao TomPtao TomTunti sitten
  • She said what needed to be said at the end

    TheBest Boy1290TheBest Boy1290Tunti sitten
  • “Oh well that’s because you’re a b!tch”greatest quote I’ve ever heard

    aiden ortizaiden ortiz2 tuntia sitten
  • I’m sobbing 😂

    baby dinobaby dino4 tuntia sitten
  • That short hair look is so smex.

    Mooshy MooshMooshy Moosh5 tuntia sitten
    • @Ptao Tom Smexy savage.

      Mooshy MooshMooshy MooshTunti sitten
    • Flight attendant: I'm a savage 😎

      Ptao TomPtao TomTunti sitten
  • Lmao

    Katie BandyKatie Bandy6 tuntia sitten
  • Wow ฿|t€h

    The TrickerzThe Trickerz8 tuntia sitten
  • 😄

  • I straight up watched this video 5 times just to hear her say "oh because you're a B"

    Ilija KojicIlija Kojic9 tuntia sitten
    • Me too lol haha

      Traveller KingTraveller King8 tuntia sitten
  • Those people that refuse to eat anything other than chicken should mention it heir dietary information that they only eat chicken. Makes life easier for everyone. Otherwise suck it up and eat whatever u get.

    mimprincesamimprincesa10 tuntia sitten
  • I literally love this

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  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I watch this before and i watch it again, you know why because it's funny

    Haziq IdrusHaziq Idrus10 tuntia sitten
  • lol

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  • and you aren't?

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  • This is taking the fake Karen interactions to a next level

    the weird robotthe weird robot12 tuntia sitten
  • I remember when I was a kid and I had the option of choosing what I want instead of my parents choosing for me and I chose chicken. Turns out it was chicken curry and I only ate two spoonfuls coz of how spicy it was. Ordered beef the next time and it was just as spicy. So my parents told me to order whatever they were ordering and then just give it to them when I no longer want any and I can just enjoy the bread and butter and sometimes brownies they gave as a side.

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  • Flight attendant: I'm a savage 😎

    Cyrus GalelaCyrus Galela15 tuntia sitten
  • O_O ohhhhhhhhh

    sherry vestersherry vester15 tuntia sitten
  • "oh... That's because you're a bitch" 🤣😂

    ShrimpyBoy McShrimpyBoy Mc16 tuntia sitten
  • Dhar Mann be like:

    Princ3yyPrinc3yy17 tuntia sitten

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  • She played really clean

    Brandon LattimoreBrandon Lattimore17 tuntia sitten
  • When I heard -Oh cause your a bitch- I started dieing

    C.E.O Of DumbC.E.O Of Dumb18 tuntia sitten
  • Imagie getting pin , ☺by u

    sweety lifestylesweety lifestyle18 tuntia sitten
  • Dam she called that women ass a bitch

    Connor HarringtonConnor Harrington19 tuntia sitten
  • The fact she said that in the calmest voice ever is what makes it funny

    Runa YomozukiRuna Yomozuki19 tuntia sitten
  • That is the truth 🤣

    Lucy QuinnzellLucy Quinnzell19 tuntia sitten
  • Hahahahaah wtf

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  • “Why didn’t you offer me that earlier?!?” Me: go back to sleep and S T A R V E

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  • Lol

    we play ROBLOX Robloxwe play ROBLOX Roblox20 tuntia sitten
  • 😁🤣

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  • Wow

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  • P E R F E C T E N D I N G E V E R!

    JiplyJiply22 tuntia sitten
    • Lollll

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo20 tuntia sitten
  • kama bit her hard 🤣😂

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Lmao the Karen haircut makes it way better

    Pie Is 200IQPie Is 200IQ23 tuntia sitten
  • LOL (well this is because you're a bitch)

  • Lol

    i5aiahi5aiahPäivä sitten
  • "Because your a Bitch" 😃

    Theodore McGoonTheodore McGoonPäivä sitten
  • Aaaand she got fired the other day

    IrenhIrenhPäivä sitten
  • OMG got taught a lesson the hard way BITCH

    mandy gachamandy gachaPäivä sitten
  • They gave me fresh cookies once when I was younger. They were delicious. They kept bringing them

    StarlightStarlightPäivä sitten
  • Yesssssssssss the ending deserve a thumbs up!

    DragonschildDragonschildPäivä sitten
  • “Oh, well that’s because your a b.” That’s now my new favorite quote

    *sigh**sigh*Päivä sitten
  • Oh, well that's because you're a B**ch!

    justin chulojustin chuloPäivä sitten
  • Lollll

    Sarahi BenitezSarahi BenitezPäivä sitten
  • I can’t 😂😂😂

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  • Ohh...that’s because you’re a bitch. ☺️🙃 Your vids are hilarious!

    OldMaid IntheShadeOldMaid IntheShadePäivä sitten
  • Just let her eat wat she wans shees not a bich

    Svetlana KandracovaSvetlana KandracovaPäivä sitten
  • Karen is that you◐.̃◐

    Joanna nabsJoanna nabsPäivä sitten
  • Karen is that you◐.̃◐

    Joanna nabsJoanna nabsPäivä sitten
  • The way she said "Oh that's because you're a b" 😂😂💀😂

    DaisysunFlower sunificationDaisysunFlower sunificationPäivä sitten
  • If u look at their mouth they're not actually saying that script

    Vincent ValentinoVincent ValentinoPäivä sitten
  • I like it straight to the point

    _itsm3agen__itsm3agen_Päivä sitten
  • Jokes aside,u shouldn't do that whether they are nice or rude (just saying don't get offended)

    NoFutureNoFuturePäivä sitten
  • Plot twist: the nice one actually touched it and made it disgusting and gross

    Cc_Cookie !Cc_Cookie !Päivä sitten
  • Oh well thats because your a bitch

    P 0 GP 0 GPäivä sitten
  • Let’s be honest the flight attendants are usually the bitches

    Roger GarciaRoger GarciaPäivä sitten
  • 0:43 Edit:SPAM

    Random ShortsRandom ShortsPäivä sitten
  • I would just say: it's okay i don't want any food at all 😭 instead of this but only because I prefer chicken too.

    Amaya ArtsssAmaya ArtsssPäivä sitten
  • F mean wtfrick

    Roselito CanonigoRoselito CanonigoPäivä sitten
  • Mean f

    Roselito CanonigoRoselito CanonigoPäivä sitten
  • Chicken ..beef aye why is this soo familiar. edit: i read it from a manhwa "Star crossed lovers"

    Blue DreamBlue DreamPäivä sitten
  • just take the beef bruh it aint bad or anything

    apex_XDapex_XDPäivä sitten
  • When your mom tells you to be nice to your siblings but u just have to let it out (via end)

    UltraVioletGachaUltraVioletGachaPäivä sitten
  • sometimes its actually annoying when you dont get what you want every single time. Maybe they dont eat beef but only chicken. So they should be organized and ready for situation like this. I know its a joke, just putting it out there for people who are calling her karen.

    OffendedOffendedPäivä sitten
  • 😂🤣🤣🤣bish

    tannu pundirtannu pundirPäivä sitten

    DreamWasTakenWastaken WasTakenWasntTakenDreamWasTakenWastaken WasTakenWasntTakenPäivä sitten
  • Well thats because you are a ✨B✨.

    Emi ChernakovaEmi ChernakovaPäivä sitten
  • 😂😂 I would not even be upset if I seen her call a bitch a bitch right in front of me

    jeffjeffPäivä sitten
  • 😀 👌 👕 👟👟

    Dave EngelDave EngelPäivä sitten
  • I swear if that passenger’s name is “Karen”

    Liu GigiLiu GigiPäivä sitten
  • The person that the mean one called decent: *"Great, another KAREN on this plane"*

    シXxLillie_CookiezxXシシXxLillie_CookiezxXシPäivä sitten
  • Oh thats because your a bitch thats my favorite part

    jerzie lawsonjerzie lawsonPäivä sitten
  • 😂😂😂 sometimes this also applies to other fields of customer service.

    Girlie Ascaño ColocadoGirlie Ascaño ColocadoPäivä sitten
  • Can you accually say this to passengers? It must be so satisfying

    Everan226 TheAllGamerEveran226 TheAllGamerPäivä sitten
  • nice one hahahaha

    shinyGlittershinyGlitterPäivä sitten
  • Please do not get airplane food get snacks instead

    - ᴋᴏɪ -- ᴋᴏɪ -Päivä sitten

    Lod NitingLod NitingPäivä sitten
  • 😦

    Marady MonMarady MonPäivä sitten

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  • And you need to change your anto with people

    Lupe hdaLupe hdaPäivä sitten
  • I am now subbing

    SkyaroSkyaroPäivä sitten
  • Calm down jamal

    Gage LeggeGage LeggePäivä sitten
  • My parents are FA, usually just kinda lie if its annoy them.

    PHHPHHPäivä sitten
  • the way you said she was a b so calmly makes it more funnier 😭

    Kassandra GKassandra GPäivä sitten
  • Funny

    Lora MeschkatLora MeschkatPäivä sitten
  • Has there ever been a karen on your plane and can you tell me the story/what that did to make you think they where a karen

    GalaxyGalaxyPäivä sitten
  • Is it really being a bitch though.... considering you are spending like $700?

    ChickenTacoChickenTacoPäivä sitten
  • Oh that’s because you’re a bitch The only woman that can actually make good comedy shorts

    Communist AdrianCommunist AdrianPäivä sitten
  • Idk why people act like that

    MrYakeMoto 34MrYakeMoto 34Päivä sitten
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

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