Golden Retriever Dad Tells Daughter Playtime is Over

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Although this behavior may seem shocking to those that have not spent time around dog parents and their puppies, this is completely normal. Sassa's Dad was always very loving and playful towards his puppies and would often cuddle with them and teach them how to play. However, puppies are HIGH STRUNG and often don't understand when its time to calm down. Puppies need to learn how to act from their parents in the first critical 8 weeks together. Many times it is the mother that does the most growling and snarling at her pups when they need to learn a certain behavior. Rest assured - Sassa's littermates and herself were very loved by her fur parents :) Enjoy!


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  • Despite all that show off, his tail never stops wagging!

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  • Muzzle the dog.. or i report it.

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  • Awwwwwwwww doggies

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  • I’ve never seen a golden retriever angry like this, bad training

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  • 0:27 i’m sorry...

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  • why his tail still wagging?

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  • If that happened oof

  • fake sound

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  • Man u get away with everything by being daddy's favourite

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  • Unfortunately that’s 100% me after work on Monday

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  • She looks for milk, and mom say " na-haaa a"

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  • Hehe

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  • Sometimes mommy has to set the little ones straight, lol.

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  • Go get daddy a beer.

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  • Muzzle... now!

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  • Awww they are so cute

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    • @ngc 5139 How does saying "Ok" make me this? I am not shunning them or denouncing anything they are saying. I just find this out of place considering this is a video about dogs.

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    • Blasphemous crap.

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    • Ok

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  • p.s. i live in front of a daycare. and actually, infants are more quiet and sensible than some grownups. in fact, i have yet to see any of these tots fighting ,and i have live here 2 years and the only intolerable people in my life are these 2 people living next door. i love the infants at the daycare as they inspire my day.. just working on my computer and looking out to see them playing outside . if only these holy innocence do not grow up to be like my neighbors, the world will be a lovely place .

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  • He’s simultaneously annoyed, and isn’t

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  • The mean stepson aerobically describe because harbor subjectively calculate down a curved herring. vulgar, gifted trunk

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  • 0:30 FBI!!!!!!!!!! FBI!!!!

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  • Dad: growls Daughter: Oh shut up, let's play

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  • It’s weird to see a Goldie snarl

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  • pou ti jereis eimai egw

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  • Plot twist: dog was asleep snoring with his eyes open

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  • Baby dog oh common give me 5 more minutes dad dog no

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  • a

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  • I guess pure breed golden retrievers are more inclined with their own breed... Because i have heard of alot of cases where cross-breed dogs tend to kill their young for the masters attention, this is the type of stuff that separates us humans from the animals.

    Michael ChauMichael Chau3 päivää sitten
  • Der ist ganz lieb das sieht man an den Augen 😅

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  • Playtime is ova bitches😬

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  • Daddy's bluffin. They know what's up.

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  • the zombie pigmen after i hit one accidentally

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  • Dad dog: "I should've pulled out"

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  • He's too much of a sweet heart

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  • The thumbnail is telling me he’s serious.

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  • What next papa please save from from the ultimate doomsday among incredulous stupid-morons!!!!! Please please please

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  • Delete my childhood video.

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  • ...That's a male pup

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  • Dogs seem harmless until they show their teeth.

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  • That thumbnail tho

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  • Yes, this is clearly a vicious beast. I'm a bit surprised he has not eaten the puppies, though it does seem possible that he likes them . . .

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  • "This party is over."

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  • He sounds like my Mustang GT V8

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    • Better take that back to the dealer and get a refund.

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  • Aww.. cuties

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  • This be like Dad: get of me Daughter: nooooooo Dad: NOW Daughter: noooooooo Dad: NOW OR I EAT YOU Daughter: noooooooo Dad: fine

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  • More human parents should be like that.

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    • What? Flea ridden, stink machines.

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  • When them dogs show those teeth they ain’t playing

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  • The

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  • The dog's expression: *angry* The dog's tail: *happy*

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  • Big doggo: stop climbing on me Lil doggo: o hai sowy fo baitin u I diden men any of dat

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  • Well that deescalated quickly!

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  • text

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  • Dad: I don't like you kids Kids: aww we love you too dad :D

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  • Bandit Heeler does not approve.

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  • Why was the puppy spanking the dog with its foot? Lol

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  • why does he look like Jamie Foxx in the thumbnail? lol

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  • The patriarchy and toxic masculinity at work, oh wait, sorry that’s only for virtue signalling humans.

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  • "three horns dont play with long necks"

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  • I love the puppies

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  • No offense, but that was boring. Sorry you could of made the video a little longer.

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  • 코 실룩실룩하는 모습마저도 귀엽잖아🤭

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  • play growl

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  • Typical dads….

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  • No doggospeak or weird captions? This is a good video

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  • I feel these great doggie parents should give child rearing lessons to humans that can't control their kids at grocery/shopping centers :)

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    • Good evening bestdulce how's your day going so far my 🌹

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  • POV: this video popped up in your recommended today

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  • The dog is actually mad, because he knows going to the grocery store to buy milk is a terrible excuse to go away for 20 years, but then he gets out of it and goes back to dad duty.

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    • Why would he need an excuse if he's never coming back

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  • I have seen main Street dogs doing this with their puppies

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  • He sound like the way my dad’s snoring in middle of the night

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  • Me when I pet my dog:

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  • Dad: PLAY TOME IS OVER puppy: why why why why why why why!

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  • I want them. I want all golden retrievers. I just want to eat their faces. Thats all.

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  • 0:16 sounds like my dad when he’s drunk sleeping

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  • What a jerk

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  • Lol why are the males dogs always like this to the their pups

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    • Cause they are males

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