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Just as promised - today I'm going for another massive $50,000 bonus buy over at Fruit Party, I really enjoy this slot especially after my max win recently. Fellow streamer and friend @Foss joined me for these buys. Hope you enjoy the video!
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I always emphasize in my stream how important gambling addiction awareness is to me and that it is not to be taken lightly.
1 - Don't think of gambling as a way to make money.
2 - Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
3 - Set a money limit in advance: Decide how much you can afford to lose before you go to play.
4 - Set a time limit in advance.
5 - Never chase your losses: If you lose your set money limit and then try to win some of it back before you leave, then you haven't set a money limit. Chasing your losses will usually just lead to bigger and bigger losses.

  • Thats a pretty sick cashout still. Congratz.

    HalfdrunkheroHalfdrunkhero3 päivää sitten
  • What didnyou do to make money before gambling? How did you start out?

    Stuart AmosStuart Amos6 päivää sitten
  • Twitch Mrfonny

    Michael GeeraertsMichael Geeraerts7 päivää sitten
  • 5k in one spin ,it takes me 2 years to save that, makes me feel sick

    The CrowThe Crow10 päivää sitten
  • Should've stayed on book

    beatsthattalkbeatsthattalk10 päivää sitten
  • Unreal session overall! - Twitch name: rubengoee

    Ruben SchlitzRuben Schlitz10 päivää sitten
  • Made like 35 buys on fruitparty yesterday on lower stakes and slot flopped one after another unfortunately,slot was way better months ago

    Baali FiedBaali Fied10 päivää sitten
  • ur awsmm like always :- infinity1820

    Anagha SantAnagha Sant10 päivää sitten
  • Good win for you A+

    E TE T10 päivää sitten
  • Unfortunate on the fruit party 50k Twitch: thescotsman32

    DonnyDonny10 päivää sitten

    TheDutchMCersTheDutchMCers11 päivää sitten
  • You can't win them all bro - You'll get the $50k back tomorrow - thedegenmickyfin

    MickyfinMickyfin11 päivää sitten
  • Nice happy for you! - fxikoo

    FXIKOOFXIKOO11 päivää sitten
  • That one cluster fxxked you dude. Still a nice balance . C_pallister

    Chris PallisterChris Pallister11 päivää sitten
  • Better luck next time, zee! lauchpeter1337 on twitch

    Florian MüllerFlorian Müller11 päivää sitten
  • Know you do scappellamento?

    Claudio A.Claudio A.11 päivää sitten
  • Wish you luck . Twitch : AfroBizon

    Afro BizonAfro Bizon11 päivää sitten
  • yikes

    isityou noitsmeisityou noitsme11 päivää sitten
  • I'm so happy for your withdraw bro! Congrat's!

    hebron rossyhebron rossy11 päivää sitten
  • Hi underbeholder

    ranjesh gurungranjesh gurung11 päivää sitten
  • Wow -mandfc_

    Manuel FernándezManuel Fernández11 päivää sitten
  • Better luck next time - vntvsh

    Antash Kumar SinghAntash Kumar Singh11 päivää sitten
  • I don’t really like Fruits Party Janejuogs

    Jane JJane J11 päivää sitten
  • Bad win but nice cashout twitch Blank0011

    The BlenkThe Blenk11 päivää sitten
  • Unlucky on the 50k Zee, but the 400k cashout must still be great! - Gimmles

    GimmlesGimmles11 päivää sitten
  • tbh gamdon should not allow such high bets that they cannot cover... begs the question why you play there

    Graham UiGraham Ui11 päivää sitten
    • @AyeZee also they paid you out in multiple currency sure but if I’m at the land based and hit a jackpot but I can only get half in my own currency and a the rest in veit dong imma be pissed hahahah

      Graham UiGraham Ui11 päivää sitten
    • @AyeZee what I mean is you could play on stake they got the backing.. does gammon give you better incentive?

      Graham UiGraham Ui11 päivää sitten
    • Well they can cover it but depending on when I do the cashout their wallets havent been refilled yet, so I either have to cashout in multiple currencies or wait till they are refilled.

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • Crazy bets love it!! ~full_stankonia

    Xavier ProchnowXavier Prochnow11 päivää sitten
  • Next 50k buy with watch he the goat

    Isaiah AppoIsaiah Appo11 päivää sitten
  • Still a mad withdrawal, gg - MUDrStage

    Jastej HundalJastej Hundal11 päivää sitten
  • Fruit party is the shittest slot for big buys

    SirFractureSirFracture11 päivää sitten
  • Fruit Party is so bulshitt for this game you need to much luck Better you play the game with the books Tuff Tuff Tuff 😂

    No pain No gainNo pain No gain11 päivää sitten
  • Never giveup

    zulfan afandizulfan afandi11 päivää sitten
  • omg half a million dollars - luckboxfish

    Yerlan YessenamanovYerlan Yessenamanov11 päivää sitten
  • Thats rough -snowden12344

    snowdensnowden11 päivää sitten
  • i should start calling you golden boy zee, everytime you collab with others, everything you touch turns to gold. congrats on the big win with watch and foss

    JoePiggyJoePiggy11 päivää sitten
  • great couple set of videos man, keep the grind up twitch name: DragRush

    xFinatcxFinatc11 päivää sitten
  • -swollenpanda9399

    Swollen PandaSwollen Panda11 päivää sitten
  • This dude has had a RUN 💰

    Lawton NuggetLawton Nugget11 päivää sitten
  • Ilove iphone Watching from philippines

    pepe sanpepe san11 päivää sitten
  • Thanks for the content man always great love watching your videos. Tiwtch - Indoorafrican

    eric doekeseric doekes11 päivää sitten
  • OMG thats no good man , love your Vids watching from Philippines. -mashabear123-

    Jose GargalloJose Gargallo12 päivää sitten
  • vvovv - deivis874

    Deividas KDeividas K12 päivää sitten
  • Unfortunate buy bud - Streazlia

    Ala HamadehAla Hamadeh12 päivää sitten
  • Crazy bro -mkoldas

    MertalikoldasMertalikoldas12 päivää sitten
  • Foss suggested it never listen to him

    Jordan WillsJordan Wills12 päivää sitten
  • Damn.. Imagine hitting the max win on that.. Like always awesome content bro.. Keep up the good work... Luck and love to ya.. Twitch- cryptoclive27

    Tyron cliveTyron clive12 päivää sitten
  • This buy flopped but that has been one hell of a lucky run! Twitch veevee_2016

    Amy LeeAmy Lee12 päivää sitten
  • Unlucky today, but still its a sick run! Twitch :Queaser1

    QueaserQueaser12 päivää sitten
  • Water finds its own level, two of the planets most boring people having a love in...And if the money is real,do something decent with those less fortunate....Rather than encourage people to join loathsome gambling sites..

    Terry KingTerry King12 päivää sitten
  • Loving the content and seeing your channel grow! - Swegmanj

    Yaznar ErkinsawYaznar Erkinsaw12 päivää sitten
  • Sheesh watching that was a bit painful to watch JariVitunLitmanen

    BlvckMenDon'tCheatBlvckMenDon'tCheat12 päivää sitten
  • So many chances to be profitable but unlucky. Still very good cashout. Milos98po

    milos stankovicmilos stankovic12 päivää sitten
  • mr_toad123

    james mowbrayjames mowbray12 päivää sitten
  • Another grate vidio mate

    William BeattieWilliam Beattie12 päivää sitten
    • Thank for the show

      William BeattieWilliam Beattie11 päivää sitten
    • Glad you enjoyed it 😀

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • Bad day bro! hard_x7

    Wihte HatWihte Hat12 päivää sitten
    • @AyeZee Fruit Party was really bad, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as I thought

      Wihte HatWihte Hat11 päivää sitten
    • Well the day of the recording was pretty good if you have seen the previous videos, just Fruit Party that went south really 😀

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • TtvRatel20gunner

    Michael BenschMichael Bensch12 päivää sitten
  • Insane brotha - mkaaythen

    Yianni MaragosYianni Maragos12 päivää sitten
  • Biggest pair of mugs on youtube

    Dougie HornsbyDougie Hornsby12 päivää sitten
  • we need to see some nolimit city buys 🙏😍 _s3mh777

    S.3M.HS.3M.H12 päivää sitten
  • Sad Panda - Twitch: Ferrier13

    William ZobacWilliam Zobac12 päivää sitten
  • How much of this so called money is actually real?

    brad vacadobrad vacado12 päivää sitten
    • @brad vacado One word, jealousy. Notice that whenever someone is trashing other people it's because they are generally doing better than them and they are trying to gain some positive exposure from using other people's names 😅

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
    • @AyeZee so why do so many other online gamblers take the piss out of you crypto guys?, I'm just asking, not trying to disrespect you 👍🏻

      brad vacadobrad vacado11 päivää sitten
    • All of this so called money is real.

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • The fruit was rotten - DrEntropi

    SirbruteSirbrute12 päivää sitten
  • Good Luck

    EnterEnter12 päivää sitten
  • I actually dont know how you win on gamdom... I've been playing there for 5 years and never had a decent win , sites literally known as Scamdom in the community

    notchris loveingnotchris loveing12 päivää sitten
    • @AyeZee yeah I feel you man , but your big buys tend to pay maybe it feels like that cause I only see your uploads here. But I do a 200$ buy on sweet bonanza and get 3$ back it's a joke

      notchris loveingnotchris loveing11 päivää sitten
    • Well it's gambling after all, if you watch a couple of my streams you'll see me lose quite a bit from day to day!

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • rip :( - Devoov

    Devin OttoDevin Otto12 päivää sitten
  • literally first person doing 50k buy's!! Strawhat1997x

    Saeed AkabriSaeed Akabri12 päivää sitten
  • Dude I’d love to have a FIboth on you explaining crypto and how and why you’ve chosen to gamble this way! Great video again dude

    Pete FisherPete Fisher12 päivää sitten
    • Working on it! I've always been into crypto, its just faster and easier for me. Normal Fiat casinos regularly gave me trouble withdrawing even when I was an affiliate for them, at times I had to wait weeks for them to verify my documents for cashouts, on Gamdom however I never had that problem.

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • damit

    robbin hoodrobbin hood12 päivää sitten
  • GG nikumi_

    Edoardo PugliaEdoardo Puglia12 päivää sitten
  • its too bad bro next time we will hit the big win feeling it in the stream good luck elieeboss

    ilyass Abilyass Ab12 päivää sitten
  • What a sick run!! Twitch: lucastavarescm

    Lucas TavaresLucas Tavares12 päivää sitten
  • Fk it

    Santosh PunSantosh Pun12 päivää sitten
  • Tough loss on the buy in. Still great content Bricwitt

    Brice WitterBrice Witter12 päivää sitten
    • It really was a great session overall 😀

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • I want the coins!!! Living_in_58

    Toni LuciferToni Lucifer12 päivää sitten
  • Dgdamnit

    Dave G GDave G G12 päivää sitten
  • I loved this short 50k series, its unreal seeing how far you've came! - Tsunpei

    TsunpeiTsunpei12 päivää sitten
  • Love that bro TomJDLawrence

    HetfieldWannabe81HetfieldWannabe8112 päivää sitten
  • Unlucky, you can#t be lucky all the time... nonetheless banger video! :) Twitch; Hyper_Kick

    Søren-Peter GavnholtSøren-Peter Gavnholt12 päivää sitten
  • What a crazy run! Congrats on the wins bruv! -BudLight

    Fatah SaadatFatah Saadat12 päivää sitten
  • @oliverdorji Love your content AyeZee, keep on doing what you do!

    Oliver DorjiOliver Dorji12 päivää sitten
  • How can I get giveaway

    Virendra SarkarVirendra Sarkar12 päivää sitten
  • This was a good week for you indeed i enjoyed watching the big buys goodluck for tonight winsloslots

    Winslo PietersenWinslo Pietersen12 päivää sitten
    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • A loss always hurts but it hurts a ton less when it is profit loss. Keep up the awesome content! ~brokenblade_

    Chemistry ManChemistry Man12 päivää sitten
    • So true!

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • Damn 50k Fossy buy! Sylviusfallen

    rlfjsylviusrlfjsylvius12 päivää sitten
  • GG - UncleTravelingMac

    Uncle Traveling MacUncle Traveling Mac12 päivää sitten
  • Still almost half a mil Twitch:SoulReaver8901

    JP de LeeuwJP de Leeuw12 päivää sitten
  • I would Invest 50k in Bit Coin better return on your money just saying

    The Brit ChadThe Brit Chad12 päivää sitten
    • Probably true, mainly because gambling shouldn't be seen as guaranteed return of money tho 😉

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • 50000 buy why? what's next 100000 keep your money before you lose it

    freed Cfreed C12 päivää sitten
  • again 50k buy pog EXILON___

    EXILONEXILON12 päivää sitten
  • Unlucky bud maybe next time. Twitch juiceeeey16

    Jason SpearsJason Spears12 päivää sitten
  • What a buy omg the potential that could of had and it paid like a 5k would omg still 400k man that's a good haul bro 👌👏 congratulations

    gazza_69zgazza_69z12 päivää sitten
  • I was hoping to see 4 50k buy în a raw proffit.. Twitch: Jmrblack

    Razvan PascalRazvan Pascal12 päivää sitten
  • Fruit party is actually the bad.

    durkadurkadurkadurka12 päivää sitten
  • Haha

    Daniel GDaniel G12 päivää sitten
  • Much love and respect from Australia! - JasonTheDream

    JasonTheDreamJasonTheDream12 päivää sitten
  • Sad to see a big rip, but I guess the run so far outplays that by miles :D - Th3m4dm4n

    Jesper KroghJesper Krogh12 päivää sitten
  • Damn that hurts esseg27

    Samuele GigliolaSamuele Gigliola12 päivää sitten
  • Only ever heard your voice on foss channel glad to put a face to the voice haha

    Luke PriceLuke Price12 päivää sitten
    • Glad you came over! Hope you enjoy the conent!

      AyeZeeAyeZee11 päivää sitten
  • This was a sign to just cash out great run! ~Dragan4juliecs

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