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I try and make my sponsorships/ads as funny as I can so I hope this video could make you laugh even if it's really short. Like I said in the video I'm working on another video right now as we speak. It will be done in a couple weeks for sure. It's one I wanted to do for a while because it has some of the more interesting stories in it.
Check out my shorts channel in the mean time. I think I might even upload something there later today. Or maybe I'll play minecraft. Anything is possible.

have a good one ❤️

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  • check it out here! ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨

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    • @George Macdonald hi

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  • Ok jeez I clicked on it And no I'm not buying it. I want one tho :'/

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  • *clicks on video*

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  • The 800k people who actually listened

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  • *5 Yo me playing GTA in a nutshell:* This *5 Yo me:* * Giggles *

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  • Who agrees that he needs to make a how to animate like him video?!

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  • Video: Click this video. 900,000 people: Okay

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  • he told me to click. so i did.

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  • The video said “click this video” and I clicked. I think you have magical powers or something.

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  • I mean the thumbnail did work

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  • I read the title and felt threatened. Help me. I am eternally clicking on the video. I've been cursed to infinitely watch this video. Send help

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  • can u speak slowly for french people who watching ur videos plz :'(

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  • he has a thigh gap, not buying.

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  • when u even weird out the devil, you know your doing something right.

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    • Ayo cant get one but if I could I would and I FREAKING SUPPORT YOUR CONTENT ITS SO GOOD

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  • I never even clicked the video jokes on you

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  • youtube recommendations gave me an ad from a channel I've never seen before, brilliant.

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  • Face reveal

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  • Wow now I am convinced here’s all my money I only have 15 dollars.......

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  • Oh no. Woe is me. I have clicked the video. And have clicked a strange thumb button. It turned blue. Woe is me.

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  • My first video from this guy XD

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  • Thank you I've always wanted an ice cream sandwich

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  • i have never heard of this channel but i saw this video on my recommended and i followed instruction. idk what does that say about me edit: ive now subscribed

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  • Ayo cant get one but if I could I would and I FREAKING SUPPORT YOUR CONTENT ITS SO GOOD

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  • Bro I need to turn on notifications so we no when u post a vid this was posted 2 days ago Now I will never be able to spend money on a 3D stick figure

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  • Therefore I clicked like the title said

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  • 0:05 can I use this sound

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  • I clicked the video

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  • I feel ur on crack and i love it

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  • Can you make the head rattling a looped gif or mp4 please

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  • Ice cream sandwich: click this video Me: .....ok

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  • I clicked the video and sat through the ad. Only to find that this video was itself an ad.

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  • This is the greatest first impression. Ever.

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  • more videos

  • I'm like ok

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  • It looks really good. I’m broke though

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  • Incredibly sexy of FIboth to show this to me three days later.

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  • Video title: click this video Me, raised to follow everything instruction given or face a slap to the face: *understood*

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  • I love this channel so much

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  • I clicked on this video because it said so, and because it's only 49 seconds long

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  • I was born on November 20

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  • I got the notification now. And comments are from 2 days ago. How.

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  • I dont hav munny rip. cute dog

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  • FIboth: “This video includes a paid promotion” Me: “Isn’t the video a paid pr-“ FIboth: “shut”

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  • Silly IceCreamSandwich... I wasn’t speaking when you said “as we speak”

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  • If your reading this comment you haven't watched the whole video yet

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