Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

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mmmmm yes interesting description

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  • 4:58 *Imma go flirt with Hitler actually*

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  • How do you get kids on minecraft tell me pls

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  • I just love how your personality is just like to kill everything you see

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  • Police arrest him

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  • Let’s just hope he’s not a father

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  • first 5 seconds. youtube: alr no money for this man

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  • Hello I'm new to the channel and as soon as I heard domestic abuse I was like I got to subscribe.

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  • 8:28 ✨🍎 gapple 🍎✨

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  • When I saw that one of the characters names was Ava I realize that was also my name

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  • The goals are spot on

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  • Let’s just say your voice is uh like a robot

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  • It kinda hunted when he didn’t take the iron from the temple because Iron is pretty helpful

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  • I like how the hitter looking character is a cartographer, Hitler wanted to be an artist.

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  • What do you use to download mods

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  • Can I have a link to get this

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  • Half of the goals are incest

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  • 2:03 out of context

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  • There goes the revenue for this video 😂

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  • Do not flirt with girls

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  • upload some more dad

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  • Upload more we like child labor

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  • How did you get this mod

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  • Uh_ my cat is ash...^:

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  • The first minute was technoblade with an orphan. lol XD

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  • Psychopaths : meant in Minecraft- Me : WTF DID YOU THINK THEY MEANT?!

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  • 10:29 look at chat

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  • Why is he mean he is soooooo inappropriate

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  • Boffy: throws child in lava Boffy: hello I like murder

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  • I like the way u Just said Domestic abuse Me: ;) cool

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  • Ted Bundy be like:

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  • the thumbnail reminded me of ihascupquake when she cooked her baby

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  • ⟟ was watching ranboo and ⟟ ended to find ⏃ person that is ⏃ lot like technoblade 😂

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    • ⟟ = i ⏃ = a

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  • Abuser

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  • we need more content :(

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  • Ahh yes I see boff went with the ceeday approach 2 uploads every month

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  • The babies can actually grow up on that game no- don’t hurt the dam babies I’m watching u

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  • Hes itachi now

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  • You sound like corpse and act like corpse are you corpse

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  • Boffy: imma make a baby with a man.....PLEASE DONT TAKE THAT OUT OF CONTEXT: RULE 35 artist: TRY ME BITCH *Adobe open*

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  • I need this modpack, i have some very large anger issues

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  • I once lost my child in this

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  • What's the mod's name

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  • Omg when it said "you lost baby joby didnt you" i thought of ihascupquake. Cause she had a baby that was named joby but she took him mining and he died.. Rip Joby.

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    • Also the time stamp is 13:56

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  • My friend in a group chat sent me this I’m confused and concerned lol 😂😧😧

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  • *burn babies*

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  • Wow

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  • *You know what Ava, you’re gonna go to sleep now*

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  • Every murderer who has a wife cheating:

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  • lol i love it how he was so calm when he was doing these things XD

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  • Poor children😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂💀☠☠☠☠

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  • Ask a other yt coder to code sound

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  • Pls edit the baby kids and make em cry pls I beg make part to with sound plss

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  • Bro pls tell me the mod

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  • What comes alive mod is that

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  • 0:31 abortion simulator It’s a joke

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  • Attempt to marry your child...... That goes a whole different way.

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  • I immediately clicked on this because who has the time to do this honestly 🤣just the title itself

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  • That thumbnail tho

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  • Imagine that you are his future child and see this video:

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  • The only funny video that has gameplay of this mod

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  • This isn't family friendly 😅

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  • I love when he doesn't bleep his swearing 😬🙃

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  • i heard “baby joby” and just had flashbacks to minecraft oasis what the actual fuck

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  • Bruh

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  • Abuse

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  • Bruh number 6

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  • i love minecraft😊😍

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  • What's the name of the mod

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  • WTF im so confused what- i- umm..................

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  • Stop swearing 🤬

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  • what's that mod

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  • if they were an orphan they are probably dead by now

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  • Technoblade: Kills orphans Boffy: Kills Everything Purple Guy: Murders children These guys would get along. 😶☕

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  • Make a part 2 please

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  • NO!?!?

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  • Ur voice look like technoblade

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  • Boffy deez nut

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  • I brutally murdered my family yesterday, but on the other hand, I bought Minecraft today

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  • Number 2 is on the todo list is just Alabama

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  • We’re do you find the mods

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  • dislike him!!!

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  • how dare u stop of the lil kids or i will of u in your world u madman

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  • Buffy and graystillplays playing minecraft together would basically bring the end of humanity as we know it

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  • how do I get the mod..?

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  • 1:kill friend 2:marry 3:cheat! 4:have kid 5:cheat again 6:have new family 7:have a new gay family 8kill all

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  • This is what friends do

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  • This isnt to be funny but it is oh yass the death of laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • How to get a girlfriend First step. Give a girl coal.

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