Are Mercedes Unwilling To Meet Hamilton’s Demands? - [ Rumour Round-Up ]

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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of “Rumour Round-Up” and as with the others, all the stories contained within this are to be taken with a grain of salt and haven’t been officially substantiated but are things that are being talked about in the world of F1 that may be interesting, could turn out to be true, or simply plain wrong. Without further delay, here is Rumour Roundup…
Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have had a very fruitful partnership that has seen them win 7 Constructors’ Championship while Lewis has added 6 Drivers’ Championships to his tally during the same period. As such, many felt that renewing his contract for 2021 and beyond would have been a matter of mere formality. However, the latest rumors now suggest that it might not be as straightforward.
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0:00 - Mercedes Unwilling To Meet Hamilton’s Contract Demands
2:34 - Rapid Rumours
Mercedes remains the only team on the 2021 grid that is yet to finalize contracts for its driver line-up. Initially, they had stated that the very hectic 2020 season due to its condensed nature left them little time to negotiate the contract and that once the season was over, they would get to it.
However, it has now been close to a month since the season concluded and there has been no further confirmed developments in this regard.
Rumors have now surfaced that Lewis Hamilton has made some exorbitant demands and Mercedes are reluctant to comply
Apparently, according to numbers floating around, suggest Hamilton’s demands include a four-year, $200 million deal, plus 10% of the team’s championship winnings, a limited production AMG One car and an additional role that “goes beyond being a driver and more than a mere testimonial”
Daimler, holders of one-third of the shares in the team have reportedly outright rejected the offer while Toto Wolff, the second shareholder is apparently undecided.
It will seemingly all boil down to INEOS’s stand in this regard and they are yet to come to a decision on what route to take.
INEOS, which happens to be a British multinational chemicals company are allegedly willing to pay a good chunk of Hamilton’s salary and that might see Hamilton’s demands being met
There have also been unconfirmed reports that Daimler are seriously considering hiring George Russell who currently drives for Williams as Hamilton’s replacement.
The apparent logic behind it is the fact that Russell could be signed for a lot less and he is seen as someone who can fill Hamilton’s role in the team
Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the team has ostensibly called these developments “pure fiction” and that “there are no reasons to be concerned”
Also, worth noting is Toto Wolff’s statement that Hamilton sees “himself in the right context within the organization and not like a solar system where everything revolves around the sun”

Rapid Rumors
The season opening 2021 Australian GP is reportedly all but confirmed as a no-go due to the longer quarantine requirements in the country
Government officials are supposedly reluctant to relax the quarantine duration as they feel it might set an unsafe precedent
It is also being suggested that Imola will host the yet to be announced fourth race of the 2021 season
However, the financial details have to be ironed out before this can be confirmed
Red Bull are seemingly looking to enter DTM with their own team
Meanwhile, their DTM drivers Alex Albon and Liam Lawson have reportedly been entered into the racing series as a way to evaluate which of the two drivers are fit to join F1 in the future
If, Lawson shines against Albon, it will supposedly be the end of Albon’s aspirations of becoming a full-time Red Bull F1 driver again
Former team Principal of Suzuki in MotoGP, Davide Brivio who recently announced the shocking decision to quit from his role in MotoGP is allegedly headed for F1
He is expected to take up the position of Alpine’s team principal
Haas team owner Gene Haas is reportedly very unhappy with Nikita Mazepin’s actions as it has buried the possibility of any positive publicity, they might have received for signing Mick Schumacher

Will Imola host an F1 race in 2021?